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  • High Melting Lead-Free Mixed BiAgX Solder Paste System
    acceptable bulk strength,. but very poor ductility and wetting. Therefore, it is not acceptable as an option. In this current work, a mixed-powder BiAgX solder paste system has been. developed as a viable alternative high temperature lead-free solder. The metal. powder in the paste is composed
  • BAN-PLT-1.1 NEW Electroless Nickel Gold Plating (c)
    Conventional LTCC material systems offer three standard metallization schemes, silver, gold and a mixed metal. For high reliability projects, the gold system is a common choice. When price is a significant issue the mixed metal system becomes attractive. Unfortunately the mixed metal system can
  • Tips To Help You Choose The Right Blender
    Solid-solid product formulations are mixed to meet a variety of objectives. These include blending of ingredients (such as in the preparation of animal feeds, fertilizer, glass batches, food products, etc), heating/cooling/drying (like in the processing of metal powders and plastics) and coating
  • Tuning in to New Solvents
    Operational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma organic solvents mixed with carbon dioxide gas, which expands their volume by a factor of 10 or more. Nutraceuticals production has moved in the direction of GXLs, by using ethanol cosolvent as a polar modifier with scCO . This results in a solvent medium
  • Designing Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Sources for Surface Engineering of Nanomaterials
    composition, it is expected that their dielectrophoretic (DEP). properties are also unique. cDEP is a technique developed to improve upon traditional. and insulator-based DEP devices by replacing embedded metal electrodes with fluid. electrode channels positioned alongside desired trapping locations
  • A Microfluidic System for Biological Particle Enrichment Using Contactless Dielectrophoresis
    . The background solution was deionized water with. a conductivity of 86 ms/cm. Live THP-1 cells were stained using cell trace calcein. red-orange dye (Invitrogen, Eugene, OR). The stained cell. sample and the 10-mm beads sample were mixed in. a ratio of 1:1. Experimental Setup. The microfluidic

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