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  • BSA Monomer-Dimer Elucidation with the BI-MwA (.pdf)
    Aggregation kills. Aggregated therapeutic proteins can provoke immune response and have reduced therapeutic effect. This has led to regulatory and industrial interest in identifying aggregates for elimination. Size-exclusion chromatography (SEC/GPC) has been a useful technique for the determination
  • Characterisation of Polymers, Volume 1
    Characterisation of Polymers, Volume 1. Supported by more than 1200 references, this book covers the methodology used for the determination of metals, non-metals and organic functional groups in polymers, and the determination of the ratio in which different monomer units occur in copolymers.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide Determination
    Benzoyl peroxide (BPO) is added to bone cement as a radical initiator for the methyl methacrylate monomer. BPO is highly reactive and degrades readily, with a temperature dependent half-life of one hour at 92 °C and one minute at 131 °C. The degradation products, benzoic acid and oxygen
  • Modeling Reaction Pathways of Catalytic Ethene Polymerization In a combined experimental and computational study, researchers at Statoil and the University of Trondheim in Norway investigated how metallocene ligands affect the mechanisms of polymer c
    Statoil and the University of Trondheim, Norway This figure shows reaction profiles for an olefin insertion pathway at L ")). Whereas the insertion with Cp is possible, the methyl groups of the bulkier Cp block the entrance and prevent monomer insertion. Producers of commercially significant
  • Iwaki MDM Eliminates Noxious Fumes - Tankers Unloading
    Hydroxypropyl Acrylates: Used in the industrial production of acrylate polymers for lacquers and artificial resins, and as a co-monomer in adhesives, elastomers, inks, and oil additives. Exposure to HPA & its vapors is known to be; corrosive to eyes, a respiratory allergen and skin irritant. It has
  • No stress nylon
    .-diameter cavity in the steel casting that is part of every freight car bogey. Reaction-injection molding (RIM) combines two lowviscosity liquid streams consisting of a reaction catalyst and initiators (containing mostly monomer) inside the mold. The resultant polymer grows in molecular weight
  • Types of Plastics
    Starting with billions of molecules of monomer in a reactor, heat and pressure are applied in the presence of catalysts, causing one of the monomer double bonds to rearrange into two "half-bonds, " one at each end. These half-bonds combine with half bonds of other rearranged monomer molecules
  • Tech Tip 6 - Minimum Bond Line
    Epoxies cure by a kinetically favored process. known as an exothermic reaction. By adding a part B curing agent to the part A monomer, the result is a cured polymer network. Some proceed very rapidly at. ambient conditions, others need to be catalyzed. with a temperature or light source, but all

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