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  • Feedback for servos
    The right feedback sensor is a key in motion systems that do what they are supposed to. These rotary encoders are typical of the wide range of styles, accuracy, and resolution available today. Many servomotor manufacturers now integrate a feedback device directly into the motor housing. This AKM
  • Feedback Options for Servos and Steppers
    Many motion control systems require feedback devices for a variety of reasons. These include compensation for external disturbances that enter the system, changes in system parameters as a function of time and temperature, manufacturing variations in system components, and the ability to track
  • Motion Controller Basics
    the error signal is driven to zero, the motor has reached the commanded position. A motion controller performs four fundamental tasks: decoding position feedback, generating the commanded position or motion profile, closing the position loop, and compensating stability. Of these four tasks, the most
  • Motion Platforms for Entertainment
    "feel" in these applications. Also, due to our highly reliable design, users can count on lower operating costs without sacrificing passenger safety. Position feedback of audience seat movement for coordination with video display. * Superior response and accuracy result in higher simulated motion
  • Single sourcing motion control
    Following a few rules when selecting a single-source supplier makes putting together a motion-control system a snap. Coreless dc motors are used in a prosthetic hand. Gold-alloy brushes ensure fluidity of motion and low noise actuation. The rubber skin coating provides feedback to the motor
  • Motion Control and Encoder Technology: A Tutorial
    reliable feedback within the process loop. Optical rotary encoders are the most widely used method of transforming mechanical rotary motion into electrical output. Within this classification of encoders are three basic configurations: incremental, absolute, and multi-turn absolute encoders. Containing
  • Servopneumatics offers reliable, economical motion
    Advances in controls and networks combined with components that pack more punch have opened the door to more-precise, durable, and economical pneumatic systems. When it comes to motion control, conventional thinking usually produces designs with electromechanical drives and computer-controlled
  • PID Brings Motion Under Control
    To properly design a complex motion controller, you need to know what PID is all about. Motion controllers are available to drive a wide variety of linear and servomotors. They come in panel-mounted enclosures or connected through the PC/PCI bus. Typical units are packed with a range of functions

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