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  • Incompatibility of Power Factor Correction Capacitors with AC PWM Drives
    Usage of power factor (P. F.) correction capacitors is commonplace on many induction motors used on constant speed (across-theline) applications. A fixed KVAR (Kilovolt-Amp-Reactance) value of capacitors is sized to counteract the motor's inductive reactance, thereby raising the overall power
  • Dc motor impersonators
    the operation of the power inverter that supplies three-phase ac power to a motor. Two-phase currents are measured and returned to the MCU/DSC along with rotor speed and angular-position information from the encoder/tachometer. This graph shows the transformed value of Iq, the current torque factor
  • Holding loads with power-off brakes
    when the motor or drive is de-energized as when using the parking brake on your car. There can be some dynamic engagement even in applications that need only a holding brake, and most power-off brakes are designed to absorb that energy. For example, if a brake responds in about 100 msec and motor
  • Solid-State ac Power Sources for Transformer Testing
    High-power electronics can now replace motor-generator sets for testing distribution transformers. * Solid-state ac-power sources combine the variable-frequency and voltage-power sources into a single package. * Tests sets are hardened against impulse events like those caused by lightning-strike
  • Bringing Efficient Communications to Real-Time Motor Control and Power Conversion Applications with TI's Viterbi Complex Math Unit (VCU) (.pdf)
    TMS320C2000 TM microcontroller (MCU) platform, provides an enhanced math engine that accelerates complex communications algorithm processing by a factor of up to 7×. This white paper provides an overview of how the VCU adds system effi ciency and performance that complements the TMS320C28x TM DSP core
  • Motion Control - A shortcut to sizing motors
    Motor constant aids in selecting dc motors in motion-control applications. Brushed and brushless dc motors are a good choice in power sensitive or efficiency craving applications. A lot of times, a dc motor or generator data sheet will include the motor constant K , which is the torque sensitivity
  • Selecting DC Motors
    take place. For example, the motor must also satisfy physical size and inertia requirements. Winding resistance is a major factor in motor selection because it seriously affects . Winding resistance and motor current produce power loss in the form of heat and motor temperature rise (TPR
  • Field-oriented control for motors
    . For example, power-factor correction (PFC) and field-oriented control (FOC) save energy and quiets rotating machinery. Prior to the arrival of the digital- signal controllers, power factor correction and field-oriented control techniques required costly, custom-made applicationspecific ICs. Proprietary

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