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  • Rheometers-Image
    Rheometers - (78 companies)
    Rheometers characterize a liquid according to its viscous properties and elastic responses. Rheometers characterize the viscous properties of fluids, as well as the reading their elastic responses. Their name is derived from rheology, which...
    Dynamic Viscosity Range
    Shear Rate Range
  • Die Sets-Image
    Die Sets - (62 companies)
    ...die shoes from moving laterally. Most guide bushings are made from or lined with aluminum-bronze or other wear-resistant materials. Ball bearing-style die sets ride on a series of ball bearings that are housed in a ball cage. They allow the die to run...
  • Earth Moving and Landscaping Machines-Image
    Earth Moving and Landscaping Machines - (737 companies)
    Earth moving and landscape machines are used to prepare construction sites, and to move dirt and gravel. How to Select Earth Moving and Landscaping Machines. Earth moving and landscape machines are used to prepare construction sites and to maintain...
  • Die Cutters and Die Cutting Machines-Image
    Die Cutters and Die Cutting Machines - (139 companies)
    Die cutters and die cutting machines convert web or sheet materials into shapes. They are used to process woven cloth, non-woven textiles, and rubber sheets. Types. There are two basic types of die cutters and die cutting machines: clicker presses...
  • Die Springs-Image
    Die Springs - (55 companies)
    Die springs are a robust type of helical compression springs consisting of rectangular wire. For the same value deflection, die springs carry 30% more load. These springs are designed to carry very high compression loads in hostile environments...
    Die Bonders - (29 companies)
    Die bonders permanently attach a semiconductor die or chip to a package or substrate. Die bonders are specialized semi- or fully-automatic high-precision machine tools used in semiconductor device fabrications. Die bonders fix the semiconductor chip...
    Die Cutting Services - (548 companies)
    How to Select Die Cutting Services. Image Credit: Can-Do National Tape. Die cutting services use a variety of die cutting methods to fashion materials into predefined shapes or sizes. Die cutting is a process used to shear and cut materials using...
    Elevators, Escalators, and Moving Walkways - (135 companies)
    Elevators, escalators and moving walkways are used to raise or move people or goods from one location to another within a building. Elevators, escalators, and moving walkways are used to raise or move people or goods from one location to another...
    Threading Dies - (246 companies)
    Threading dies are used to form or cut male threads on the outside of rod or bars. Threading dies are used to form or cut a male thread on the outside of rods or bars. Threading dies provide precision in cutting and extend the life of a die...
    Mold and Die Change Equipment - (55 companies)
    Die change equipment and mold change equipment is used to quickly remove or change molds and/or dies. This equipment includes all aspects related to the transportation, alignment and changing of a die or mold. Mold change equipment and die change...

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