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  • Vibration Detector Based on GMR Sensors
    These signatures often provide indications of machine deterioration, such as unbalance, misalignment, eccentricity, mechanical looseness, and defective … of vibration measurement that is suitable for investigating modern highly stressed and high- speed machinery has been … which shows how the constant current source block (GIC) powers the three GMR sensors placed in chain. .... Magnetoresis- tors MR1 and MR2 show good linearity and a similar slope, which does not turn out…
  • Game-theoretic linear parameter-varying control with multiple L2-gain objectives upon energy-motion regulation of electric bikes propulsion
    …to minimise the control storage, whereas the road inclina- tion, reference command and sensor noises jointly play .... With steady-state identification, we found that the electric resistance R is monotonically increased with the tire speed ω, whereas the mechanical damping B is monotonically decreased with the speed ω. .... J = mr2 t + 2Jt; f = mgrt sin ϕ .
  • Direct drive high energy permanent magnet brush and brushless DC motors for robotic applications
    1) Maximum speed 300 x lT = 10.47 rad/sec. .... 3) Inertia of the load = mr2 =0.0981 kgm', (m = 1N sec'/m, r = O.lm). .... This system c o n s i s t s o f e l e c t r i c a l motor, tachogenerator, position sensor and stepdown gears or a mechanical system f o r t r a n s f…
  • Laser measuring technique
    …fiber coil (Monomode fiber) with M of windings, the surface A thus can (A = MR2 π) in. .... Difficulties occur however also here by slow speeds , and indeed through the so "-called. .... Partially, these optical rotation sensors in navigation systems displace already mechanical gyros from aircrafts.
  • Design of an Electric Differential System for Three-Wheeled Electric Welfare Vehicles With Driver-in-the-Loop Verification
    Ieff = Iui + 1/2 mr2 w. .... Since the mechanical dynamics is dominant for the wheel speed response, the electrical dynamics is neglected while designing the wheel speed controller, as shown in Fig. 8. .... Two magnetic speed sensors are installed at both rear wheels for motor speed control.
  • Influence of air pressure on mechanical effect of laser plasma shock wave
    …the air pressure and the distance of target from focus on Cm, the mechanical effects of plasma .... A photo-electricity apparatus measures the speed of tar- get caused by laser action. .... place, the intensity of He:Ne laser which enters into a photo-electricity sensor 12 reaches the … W = 0.7 mm, l = 47.0 cm, R = 1.50 cm, J = mR2 /4 + m(l…
  • New Trends in Medical and Service Robots
    …we consider several safety basic principles: redundancy in safety-critical systems; avoiding unnecessary speed or power in … 10 %): MR1; (b) addressing to laparoscopic and classic/open surgery procedures (25 %): MR2 ; (c) allowing tumors’ … result for the first case: change the density and the physical state; replace mechanical systems; make immovable … fields to interact with the object” determined us to integrate an inductive proximity sensor within the instrument.
  • Global output-feedback tracking for a benchmark nonlinear system
    The picture in Fig. 1 illustrates the top view of this nonlinear benchmark mechanical system in which .... (I + mr2 ) + mxcr cos =N. .... This assumption is meaningful from a practical point of view, because speed sensors are more expensive and noisier than position sensors.
  • Engineering Asset Management - Systems, Professional Practices and Certification
    …al. (eds.), Engineering Asset Management - Systems, Professional Practices and Certification, Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, DOI 10 … information technology, those engine thermo- parameters nowadays can be measured and monitored by sensors installed on the .... 2.2 Instantaneous Speed Monitoring and Diagnosis Principle. .... i¼1 mR2 f1ðhiÞ .
  • Minimum Copper Loss and Power Distribution Control Strategies of Double-Inverter-Fed Wound-Rotor Induction Machines Using Energetic Macroscopic Representation
    …electrical power flow is thus combined in a complex way to obtain the unique mechanical power flow. .... Hence, EMR and its inversion-based control indicate where controllers are needed, where sensors are required, as .... There are four tuning variables ms = [ms1, ms2] and mr = [mr1, mr2 ], which act on the system. .... One objective must be achieved: the control of the machine speed Ω.