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    MSDS Software - (17 companies)
    MSDS software is used to create, manage and distribute material safety data sheets (MSDS) for chemical products. MSDS software is used to create, manage, and distribute material safety data sheets (MSDS) for chemical products. Enterprise-wide...
  • Lead Acid Batteries-Image
    Lead Acid Batteries - (373 companies)
    Lead acid batteries are made up of plates, lead, and lead oxide with a 35% sulfuric acid and 65% water electrolyte solution. Lead acid batteries are rechargeable batteries consisting of lead plates with a sulfuric acid/water electrolyte solution...
    Wipes and Wipers - (210 companies)
    Wipes and wipers include wet, dry, and biocide-saturated microfiber cloth, paper, foam, and nonwoven sheets for medical, fiber optic, laboratory, electronic, and other critical cleaning applications.
  • Neutralization Equipment-Image
    Neutralization Equipment - (41 companies)
    Neutralization equipment promotes the chemical process that produces a solution that is neither acidic nor alkaline. Neutralization equipment is used to produce a neutralization reaction, which occurs when an acid and a base, usually both in aqueous...
  • Inorganic Chemicals and Compounds-Image
    Inorganic Chemicals and Compounds - (884 companies)
    India, Japan, and the US (2005 data) are: aluminum sulfate. ammonia. ammonium nitrate. ammonium sulfate. carbon black. chlorine. hydrochloric acid. hydrogen. hydrogen peroxide. nitric acid. nitrogen. oxygen. phosphoric acid. sodium carbonate. sodium...
    Technical Communications Services - (223 companies)
    Technical communications services design, write, re-write, and edit product datasheets, MSDS sheets, GMP or GLP documents, service manuals, training documents, illustrations, and other technical information. Technical communications service firms...
    Organic Chemicals - (1504 companies)
    ...into aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic (non-aromatic) hydrocarbons, and carbon compounds with various functional groups including carbonyls, halocarbons, nitriles, amines, diazo compounds, sulfonic acids, mercaptans, alcohols, etc. The GlobalSpec...
    Etchers and Etching Machines - (60 companies)
    Etchers and etching machines remove material from the surface of a part using an acid or alkaline chemical solution. Etchers and etching machines, also known as chemical milling machines, use masking substances to protect some surface areas...
    Gel Electrophoresis Equipment - (64 companies)
    Gel electrophoresis equipment, instruments and supplies are used to separate macromolecules, either nucleic acids or proteins, on the basis of size, electric charge, and other physical properties. Gel electrophoresis equipment, instruments...
    Paint Brushes and Applicators - (72 companies)
    Paint brushes and applicators are used to apply paints, adhesives, sealants, oils, cleaners, acids or etchants, mortar or cement treatments, and other coating products to surfaces. There are many different types of paint brushes and paint rollers...

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