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  • Carrying the Heat Away from Power Module PCB Designs
    This article from Intersil discusses a multi-layer PCB layout method that uses via placements to maximize the thermal performance of a dual phase power module. The module features two single phase outputs at 20A each, or a dual phase single 40A output. An example board design with vias is used
  • Application Guidelines for Non-Isolated Converters: PWB Layout Considerations (.pdf)
    Non-Isolated POL dc-dc converters are switching buck regulators which require careful layout considerations when designing on to a printed wiring board (PWB). Many applications using these non-isolated dc-dc converters utilize high-density multi-layer circuit boards, and proper component placement
  • PCB in the Design Should Rake into Account Various Factors
    a special processing that can be laminated copper foil, for example, is now used in computer motherboards The Indian board material more in four or more layers. These layers are mostly a result of processing is relatively more difficult and relatively simple to set the alignment of the power supply