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  • Varistors-Image
    Varistors - (176 companies)
    Varistors are nonlinear two-electrode semiconductor voltage-dependant resistors. The current in a varistor is proportional to applied voltage raised to a power. These devices are normally made of zinc oxide. Upon application of a high...
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    Resistors - (733 companies)
    ...or they may be variable or adjustable within a certain range. As passive components, resistors can only reduce voltage or current signals and cannot increase them. Understanding Resistors. Resistance. The resistance of an element measures its...
  • Potentiometers, Rheostats, and Trimmers-Image
    Potentiometers, Rheostats, and Trimmers - (334 companies)
    ...the term "potentiometer" itself is used to describe two different devices. While both form or use a voltage divider, their functions and uses are very different. Potentiometers as described in this article are variable resistors used to control small...
  • Digital Potentiometers-Image
    Digital Potentiometers - (49 companies)
    Digital potentiometers are three-terminal resistors with an adjustable center connection. To set the output resistance, a digital signal is sent through an electrical interface. Digital Potentiometers Configurations. There are two main...
    Wirewound Resistors - (79 companies)
    ...range is typically between 4 and 17 W, but may be able to withstand power levels of 1000 W or more; requires low TCR. High-power applications. Potentiometer. Specialty application for variable resistors; wirewound technology typically employed...
    Chip Resistors - (231 companies)
    ...packages. Resistors are components that oppose the flow of electrical current. They can be used to protect, operate, or control circuits. Resistors can have a fixed value of resistance, or they may be variable or adjustable within a certain range...
    Variable Transmissions - (94 companies)
    Variable transmissions are used in industrial applications to alter the speed of an output shaft. Variable transmissions are a broad category of products applying to any industrial transmission powering machinery. Variable transmissions are used...
    Power Resistors - (114 companies)
    Power resistors are used in power generation and distribution, high-voltage applications, control systems, and other power system applications. They include load banks, grounding resistors, and dynamic braking resistors. Load banks develop...
    Current Sensing Resistors - (69 companies)
    Current sensing resistors convert the current flowing through it to a voltage drop. Monitoring or measuring this voltage drop allows the current through the resistor to be measured. Applications for current sensing resistors include power supplies...
    Dynamic Braking Resistors (DBRs) - (26 companies)
    Dynamic braking resistors (DBRs) produce braking torque and absorb the high amounts of energy generated by stopping electric motors. They are used in variable-speed drive systems such as elevators, cranes, and trains. Some DBRs are also used...

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