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  • Adhesive Dispensing Equipment-Image
    Adhesive Dispensing Equipment - (330 companies)
    Adhesive dispensing equipment is used for the controlled dispensation of adhesives and/or silicones. These devices include manual dispensing caulk guns, hot melt glue guns, and an assortment of mix / meter and dispensing systems. Adhesive...
  • Nozzles-Image
    Nozzles - (630 companies)
    ...with integral filters or strainers prevent clogging and contamination. Nozzles with an integral valve offer flow or pressure control. Rotating nozzles spin during atomizing, spray-coating or dispensing applications. A single nozzle may include multiple...
  • Fluid Dispensing Equipment-Image
    Fluid Dispensing Equipment - (931 companies)
    ...barrel and syringe. bottle. caulking tube. can. pail and drum. flexible tube. glue stick. gun handle. pen. pinch tube pen. Features. Options for fluid dispensing equipment include continuous dispensing, foot control, manual driven, multiple dispensing...
    Spray Gun Washers - (17 companies)
    Nozzle cleaners and spray gun washer consists of specialized cleaning equipment to remove paint, coating, resins, and sealants from the internal bores and surfaces of spray guns, sprayer components and nozzles. Spray gun washers also known as spray...
  • Air Blow Guns-Image
    Air Blow Guns - (133 companies)
    ...of plastic or metal and include an ergonomic grip or handle. A steady stream of compressed air is delivered through a sturdy metallic nozzle. Air blow guns that are equipped with an internal fail-safe pressure mechanism shut off automatically...
    Spray Guns and Applicators - (251 companies)
    ...patterns. Spray Gun and Applicators Standards. The following standards may be useful when considering spray guns. BS 6356 P1 Testing agricultural spray nozzles. A-A-50310 Heavy duty spray paint guns. BS EN 50050-1 Electrostatic hand-held spraying...
    Machining Heads and Multiple Spindle Heads - (105 companies)
    Machining heads and multiple spindle heads are specialized tool holders that mount on machine tool spindles. Multi-spindle heads carry multiple tools at the same time for performing simultaneous machining operations. Machining heads and multiple...
    Fueling Nozzles and Receptacles - (65 companies)
    Fueling nozzles and receptacles are components that attach to either the fuel source or the receiving tank to permit the transfer of liquid or gaseous fuels. They are designed for use with fuel dispensing equipment. Fueling nozzles and receptacles...
    Ion Beam Guns and Electron Beam Guns - (54 companies)
    Ion beam guns and electron beam guns produce beams of electrons, ions or other particles for use in chemical and surface analysis, particle physics, resin curing or semiconductor manufacturing. How to Select Ion Beam Guns and Electron Beam Guns...
    Locks - (515 companies) exterior doors. Locks vendors also supply cabinet hardware security locks for specific applications such as filing cabinets or gun cabinets. Standards. ANSI A115.6 - Preassembled locks. ANSI A156.24 - This standard covers products used in connection...

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  • Mass-Customization Through Digital Manufacturing
    FDM is an additive manufacturing process where a thin piece of plastic filament, typically acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) or polylactic acid (PLA) is extruded through a nozzle similar to that of a hot glue gun . .... Some machines will have multiple nozzles, while the majority of the printers will only have one nozzle…
  • Elastically Sticking
    Akkubetriebene guns allow energy efficient, ortsunabhängige processing. .... More run meters must be ever adhered, all the grösser, also used supply containers had to be .... Such changes (by Hobbocks and barrels) are carried out unsachgemäss, the air bubbles can be included in .... • of nozzle cartridge (mostly of aluminum, occasionally of aluminisierter cardboard (e.g., USA, Japan)).
  • How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic, Second Edition > Aces Up Your Sleeve: Tips and Tricks for Specific Circuits and Products
    People have used heat guns (essentially hair dryers with smaller nozzles ) and soldering irons insulated by a piece of paper. .... the ribbon with a pencil eraser as you remove the heat source, until the glue cools down. .... LCDs of smaller size have at least two lamps driven by multiple inverter circuits, often combined onto…
  • WESTWARD products - Grainger Industrial Supply
    Multiple product options available. .... • Glue Gun Kit, 12 PC Electric Glue Gun. .... and Off Working Surface, Includes 100 W Glue Gun with 3 Special Use Nozzles , Non-stick Work…
  • Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your 3D Printer
    The process is very similar, but unlike the hot glue gun that relies on human power to pump glue sticks (however inaccurately) into the heating element, 3D printers use a computer-controlled electric motor called a stepper motor to precisely control how … the filament is pulled into the extruder (cold end) and then pushed into the nozzle (hot end). .... Notice in the drawing I’ve exaggerated how the layer is built from multiple lines of heated filament.
  • Practical Handbook of Grouting: Soil Rock and Structures Complete Document
    Port installation is often done with the use of a hot glue gun . .... The attachable ports permit use of multiple injection lines, as illus- trated in Figure 13.7, which … to the ports can be achieved by friction, through use of a tapered nozzle pushed into a…
  • $100-$200 Adhesives, Sealants and Tape - Grainger Industrial Supply
    • Multiple product options available. .... • Glue Gun Kit, 12 PC Electric Glue Gun. .... and Off Working Surface, Includes 100 W Glue Gun with 3 Special Use Nozzles , Non-stick Work…
  • Hiding real-time: A new approach for the software development of industrial robots
    Therefore, the RAPI provides special operators that are able to combine multiple instructions. .... In the example, the task is glueing a straight line on a work piece. .... In practice, starting the glueing gun does not immediately start the output of glue because some hoses might need to be filled first and a certain pressure at the nozzle must be reached.
  • Broadband Plasma-Sprayed Anti-reflection Coating for Millimeter-Wave Astrophysics Experiments
    …with the surface, forming a strongly adhered coating without the need for any glues or adhesion promoters. .... used to obtain and optimize the analyti- cal solution for wave propagation through multiple layers of dielectrics .... A plasma gun generates a plasma jet of temperature of order 105 K by ionizing an inert. .... primary gas, most commonly Argon due to its gentleness towards the gun nozzle , with an electrical arc.