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  • Multiple PWM Output Soft-Start Controller For Switching Power Supplies
    This Technical Brief describes a microcontroller-based soft-start controller for power supplies in systems with multiple voltages. Sometimes applications have devices with multiple voltage requirements (e.g., core voltages, I/O voltages, etc). The sequence in which these voltages rise is important
  • Circut Ideas: LED driver lights three LED strings and provides constant voltage supply
    of producing regulated electrical power. This eliminates the need for extra circuitry otherwise used with a separate power supply. In the accompanying diagram, an LT3476 drives three constant-current RGB LED strings. Its fourth channel serves as a constant-voltage source. A typical application
  • Circuit Ideas: How to parallel regulator modules for high-current supplies
    It's often necessary to connect pointof- load (POL) dc/dc power supply modules in parallel to get a sufficiently high-current output for applications such as test instruments, blade servers, and so forth. Fully integrated POL power modules have a built-in inductor, power MOSFET, PWM controller
  • Medical Device Link .
    and the provision for input/output data connections. In both cases, it's anticipated that users or operators will have access to equipment surfaces, and sometimes to data circuits. The primary hazard associated with this type of access is electrical shock. The power supply plays a fundamental role in protecting
  • Code Design for Dependable Systems - Preface
    unfavorable environments where electromagnetic noise, a-particles and. cosmic rays abound. Modern high-speed, high-density VLSI processors and semiconductor. memories are operated at low supply voltage levels and thus low logic signal. swing; they therefore are vulnerable to external disturbances
  • Analog switches
    and currents. But varies with the analog input voltage, power-supply voltage, and temperature. A parameter called gives the difference between the maximum and minimum resistance over the prescribed operating conditions. Two analog switches ganged together can form a double-throw switch. In this case
  • Reconfigurable I/O takes industrial control in new direction
    inputs/outputs, 24-V industrial digital I/O with up to 1 A of current drive, differential/TTL digital inputs with 5-V regulated supply output for encoders, and 250-Vrms universal digital inputs. Think of it as a way to handle situations where the millisecond scan times of an ordinary PLC just won't work

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