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Products/Services for Multisim Function Generators

  • Electronics Test Fixtures-Image
    Electronics Test Fixtures - (68 companies)
    Electronics test fixtures are used to test contact points on circuit boards during manual or automated testing.
  • Signal Generators-Image
    Signal Generators - (374 companies)
    ...and radio frequency (RF) to function. Signal generators and waveform generators are used to test and align all types of transmitters and receivers, to measure frequency, and to generate a signal, waveform, or noise source. Signal generators can use AC energy...
  • IC Signal Generators-Image
    IC Signal Generators - (42 companies)
    IC waveform generators provide several different waveforms or functions at the desired frequency. Image Credit: MySkunkWorks | dhGate.com | D and N Electronics, Inc. IC waveforms generators (function generators) and IC waveform synthesizers provide...
  • Pulse Generators-Image
    Pulse Generators - (96 companies)
    ...are voltage sources, current pulse generators are also available. In addition to injecting pulses into the device under test, pulse generators that also function as digital delay generators can be used as a stimulus or clock signal. For example, pulse...
    Steamers and Steam Generators - (119 companies)
    Steamers and steam generators produce steam vapor for cleaning, oxidation, and other process functions. They heat water above the boiling or vapor point to convert the water into high-temperature water vapor or steam. When water is heated...
    Frequency Counters - (139 companies)
    ...counters are also used to calibrate other equipment that does not have displays such as a signal generator. Types of Frequency Counters. There are several types of frequency counters which differ in frequency ranges and the number of digits that can...
    Digital Delay Generators - (13 companies)
    ...with multiple channels are also available. Both types are similar to pulse generators, but have a much finer timing resolution and a much lower time delay and width-jitter. Sophisticated devices that combine the functions of digital delay generators...
    Packet Generators - (6 companies)
    Packet generators create a discrete chunk of communication in a pre-defined format. Packet generators create a discrete chunk of communication in a predefined format. A packet is a data block containing a header that includes a destination address...
    RF Generators - (91 companies)
    RF generators and high frequency power supplies provide the power required for plasma generation, induction heating, and radar or communications applications. RF Generators Information. RF generators provide power for thin film processing equipment...
    Mesh Generators - (11 companies)
    ...preparedness. Environmental remediation. Power generation. Semiconductor design modeling. Hydrodynamics. Geologic modeling. In geological functions, generators are employed where the grids model subsurface porous flow and reactive chemical transport...

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