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  • Programming The AD35 DC/DC Converter
    Referring to Figure 1A, amplifier A1 consists of a low voltage op amp and a high voltage NPN transistor Q1. By grounding the negative output of the AD35, the converter operates as a single positive output DC/ DC from 0 to 200V. A1 through Q1 sets the VO ADJ voltage of AD35. At turn on, the 5VREF
  • Output Voltage Adjustment In DC/DC Converters
    When the output voltage (VO) of a DC/DC converter must be adjusted in an application, the manufacturer usually specifies the output adjustable voltage range of the converter, typically 5% to 10%. The manufacturer provides an adjust terminal to be used by the customer for fine adjustment of VO
  • DC/DC Converters With Linear Regulators
    is required, the ripple of a switching regulator can be reduced by a linear regulator. The output ripple of a standard DC/DC converter is between 0.5% and 1% of its nominal output voltage. For applications that require a lower output ripple, linear regulators can be used to reduce a converter's output
  • A Simple Model for DC/DC Charge Pumps
    , charge pumps can general8 a negative out. put voltage from a positive input voltage,. A comparison between the operating efficiency ol a step-down charge. pump and an LDC) will be provided in this application note..
  • Design Alternatives To The TC682 For Performing Inverting Voltage Doubler Functions
    . Assuming that a single-cell Li-Ion battery (with a nominal terminal voltage of 3.6V) is powering the system, a regulating DC/DC boost converter is needed to generate the +5V regulated input supply to the TC682.
  • Inductor-Based Step-Up Switching Regulators
    Inductor-based, step-up switching regulators offer high efficiency, small size and lower cost than isolated switching regulators (DC/DC converters). They are used to amplify (step up) the voltage of a lower voltage source or battery. The inductor stores energy during the on time of the switching

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