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    E-Mail Software - (21 companies)
    E-mail software allows users to send e-mail, a form of electronic messaging that allows computer users to communicate. E-mail, an abbreviation for electronic mail, can be sent in large quantities as part of a company 's marketing communications...
  • E-commerce Services-Image
    E-commerce Services - (576 companies)
    E-commerce services provide technical expertise for selling goods and services online. E-commerce services help businesses to sell goods and services online. They develop an E-commerce strategy for a company, and then propose a suitable E...
  • Fiber Optic Attenuators-Image
    Fiber Optic Attenuators - (275 companies)
    Fiber optic attenuators are devices that reduce signal power in fiber optic links by inducing a fixed or variable loss. They are used to control the power level of optical signals at the outputs of light sources and electrical-to-optical (E/O...
    Electronic Noses - (9 companies)
    Electronic noses detect chemical makeup of odors and flavors, each of which has an identifiable 'fingerprint.'
  • RF Waveguide Tees-Image
    RF Waveguide Tees - (19 companies)
    ...or silver and have circular, elliptical, or rectangular cross sections. There are several basic types of products. E-plane tees or series tees are used to change the direction of electric field (E-field) lines. They provide a smooth change in direction...
    RF Waveguide Assemblies - (30 companies)
    E-plane bends change the direction of the electric field lines. By contrast, H-plane bends change the direction of magnetic field lines.
    Electron Beam Welding Services - (41 companies)
    Electron beam welding services use a narrow beam with high energy density to weld metals and alloys with a narrower heat effect zone and deeper penetration compared to most other welding processes.
    Website Development and Optimization Services - (2683 companies)
    ...languages (i.e., Java, Python) to create everything from a simple interactive Web page to complete e-commerce solutions. Web programmers can also provide total website optimization functionality such as Web crawlers and plug-ins capable of directing...
    Thermocouple Elements - (273 companies)
    ...are those composed of common metals and metal alloys and may also be described as general purpose thermocouples. They are the most abundant thermocouples types and include types E, J, K, N, and T. Noble metal thermocouples are manufactured using alloys...
    Web Hosting Services - (863 companies)
    Web hosting services are companies that provide server space for web sites, email, and other online systems.

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  • Of Material Interest (January 2012)
    Foam crash mats keep you safe on the slopes Neopolen E , polyethylene particle foam (EPE), provides greater safety on ski slopes and downhill runs so skiers and snowboarders can be sure of a soft landing both on and off the snow this …
  • Business information Warehouse
  • Business digest
    Soft landings: are assured for skiers and snowboarders thanks to crash mats produced by Austrian sporting goods firm Berger with a core of BASF’s Neopolen E closed cell, physically crosslinked polyethylene particle foam to provide optimum shock cushioning.
  • Basf All to know on Basf | Techniques of the Ingénieur
    horizontally and reticulated physically Alveolen of Alveo, Neopolen E of BASF (table 5).
  • Rückblick auf die „K '71”︁
    vor der Verarbeitung eingeruhrt, andere Antihaftmittel fin- den als Formentrennmittel fur Kunststoff e , welche durch Giegen, Pressen usw. geformt oder verformt werden, Ver- wendung. ,, Neopolen ", ein Polyathylen-Weichschaum, ist das neueste Produkt der BASF, 67 LudwigshafenlRh.
  • A New Milestone In The History Of Polymer Foams
    … the extruded polystyrene rigid foam panels Styrodur (XPS), the tough-elastic polyolefin range Neopolen , the melamine resin … BASF has now succeeded with another innovation: E -por, a material which is based on a new …
  • Polymer Blends Handbook
    BASF Plastics Neopolen E . I. du Pont de Nemours Neoprene .
  • Chemical Tradename Dictionary
    Neopolen ®. [DuPont; DuPont UK) Poly· chlOJOjiie, e ; venatile synthetic rubber for wire/cable; induslrial hose and belt· ing; automotive …
  • Überzüge organischer Natur
    5) Neopolen ;Styropor; Hartmoltopren ; P. G r e s s e.
  • Properties of bonded-polypropylene-bead foams: data and modelling
    Neopolen 60 The compressive stress r?versus engineering compressive strain e data was fitted with the expression .