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  • Measurement of Electronic Component Impedance Using a Vector Network Analyzer
    impedance. Such methods are based on the use of bridges (with or without auto-balancing), resonators, precision current and voltage meters, and network analyzers. The vector network analyzer (VNA) has recently become a powerful tool for analyzing impedance in a broad band, which partially covers the GHz
  • Spectral Analysis with a Vector Network Analyzer
    Vector network analyzers (VNAs) are widely used in research, manufacturing, and service environments. These instruments contain stimulus signal sources and receivers with one or more frequency converters. Copper Mountain Technologies produces several VNA models including the Planar 304/1 VNA
  • Network Taps vs. Mirror Ports
    Two common methods for gaining a window into a network are by installing a network tap or by using a mirror port (called a SPAN port by Cisco (R)) on a network switch. Both network taps and mirror ports provide a window into traffic on. a network segment, enabling you to use a network analyzer
  • Application: Network Analyzers Use RF Reed Relays in Their Detection Circuits
    Within the network analyzer's circuitry, the need to attenuate RF signals is necessary; and high frequency reed relays carry out the task with billions of reliable operations.
  • Application: Network Analyzers, RF - Reed Relay
    Network analyzers are widely used in the RF. frequency realm, whether it is measuring the. characteristics in the analog continuous wave high frequencies, or measuring the rise and fall times of fast digital pulses. With the rapid rise of cell phone usage over the last 15 years and wireless
  • Wireshark & Ethereal Network Protocol Analyzer Toolkit, Jay Beale's Open Source Security Series
    Wireshark & Ethereal Network Protocol Analyzer Toolkit, Jay Beale's Open Source Security Series. Helping you to unleash the powers of Wireshark, this comprehensive guide provides complete information and step-by-step instructions for analyzing protocols and network traffic on Windows, Unix or Mac
  • NX4000 40-Gbit/s Next-Generation Optical IP Transport Analyzer
    transport systems, we have developed 40-Gbit/s Next-generation optical IP Transport Analyzer, which responds to the new Optical Transport Network (OTN) testing needs, such as optical phase shift keying, 10-Gbit/s Ethernet direct mapping, and enhanced FEC, in addition to basic SONET/SDH testing.
  • Krytar Microwave Detectors 10 MHz to 40 GHz Testing and Term Definition (.pdf)
    Krytar tests operation performance of detectors using an Automatic Network Analyzer which currently has the ability to measure performance of Krytar Detectors to 40 GHz.
  • Discovering Hidden Breaker Functions
    We often fail to take advantage of powerful features in our electronic devices, usually because we didn't know they were there. Managers at facilities equipped with ABBs Emax 2 breaker are excited when they discover it includes a full-function Network Analyzer.
  • Measurement of Radar Cross Section Using the VNA Master Handheld VNA Application Note
    by the target. This application note describes how a. modern battery-powered / portable Microwave Vector Network Analyzer with Time Domain Gating can make it. easy to do RCS tests on the flight line or in the field.

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