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  • FTP Server using BSD Socket API for the PIC32MX
    . An embedded FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server is an The FTP server presented here incorporates the excellent addition to any network-enabled device. FTP following features: server capability facilitates the uploading of files to, and (R) * Provides portability across the 32-bit family of PIC
  • Case Study: Fast Server Control System Ensures
    in their world-wide data network is monitored, round the clock via digital server management technology. The greatest fear of experts in the large host data processing centre is an IP server's downtime - that is to say the failure of an internet-connected data memory. Quite rightly, no business
  • Computer Power User Article - Home/SOHO Server Appliance Roundup
    , manufacturers have reached a middle ground that makes these boxes worth checking out; especially when you consider the fact that it won t take a lot of time to get these boxes up and rolling in your environment. I evaluated several server appliances on the market today and should note that this roundup
  • Computer Power User Article - Tomorrow's Network
    This HDTV from Haier receives digital video signals from the bundled media server wirelessly using UWB. These days are coming, and they re closer than you might think. Gigabit Ethernet for home networks is gaining traction already, and wireless networking companies are cranking out faster
  • Smart Computing Article - Turnkey Networking
    January 1999 Vol.5 Issue 1 Add To My Personal Library A Look At Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server Many small businesses are just now getting around to networking their PCs --not surprising when you consider that those companies with 25 PCs or fewer probably do not have a full-time
  • Computer Power User Article - Your Gateway To The World
    . A server can work as a firewall and network sharing device. If you ve used a standalone router and grown frustrated with its limitations (such as a lack of upgradeability), this is one way to work around that. Having a common place to deposit files that are used by many people at once is another
  • Smart Computing Article - Windows 2000
    a larger operation and need scalability and clustering, this is the version of Win2000 Server that Microsoft recommends. You might run this in a small to medium-sized business with small distributed networks. For large volume, real-time, transaction processing, large databases, and other large
  • Smart Computing Article - Internet Protocol (IP) to Iomega
    . Oikarinen set out to make the messaging programs on his server more useful and less prone to failure. Using BITNET (Because It's Time Network) Relay Chat as a model, Oikarinen created IRC in August 1988. After his program started receiving heavy usage (as many as 10 users at a time), he asked friends

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