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  • Smart Computing Article - Windows XP Hardware Errors
    for a particular component. To fix this, either get a new copy of the corrupted file and copy it to your system or reinstall Windows. If you continue to receive any of these error messages after you reinstall Windows, it's possible you may have a hardware or network problem. A "STOP: 0xc000026C
  • Network Application Delivery
    . Network application delivery is a technique by which software is delivered to clients over a network (an Application Delivery Network, or ADN). Applications are delivered to users rather than installed on the client computer, and the hardware from which the applications are served can
  • Sharing Network Resources
    devices linked together using some form of communications equipment. They are linked together so they can share software, hardware, and information. A group of network computers physically linked at the same location form a ). A group of LANs linked over a wide area, such as across a state, form
  • Rapid ZigBee Network Deployment
    paired hardware modules of the client. The client intended to combine this application with its hardware modules so as to provide a development kit for application developers to implement ZigBee networks and to develop custom applications. Airbee developed the application as a fully embedded
  • Network Power Protection (.pdf)
    Your company, like many others, has a sizable investment in computer networks: hardware, software, and customer-related information. You also have a significant investment in the people and processes that support the mission-critical applications you depend on daily to run your business. But one
  • Network Taps vs. Mirror Ports
    or other monitoring tool for troubleshooting, diagnostics, security,. or forensics compliance. A network tap is a hardware device that's installed on your network. It enables network traffic to pass through unimpeded while. duplicating all data to a monitor port where it can be accessed by a network
  • Smart Computing Article - What's In A Network
    or as complex as the entire Internet. There are many types of networks and lots of ways to categorize these networks. We ll discuss what exactly a network is, what software and hardware components make up a network, and what types of networks you might encounter at home or out in the world. At its most
  • Physical Network Security - Network Security from the Bottom Up
    step you can take towards network security is to secure your hardware so unauthorized people can't get at it. Securing hardware is important because if a person has physical access to a device, there is almost always a way to take control of it or to get data out of it.

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