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  • Why Neutral Grounding Resistors Need Monitoring (.pdf)
    A resistance-grounded power system has a critical element that is often ignored-the neutral-grounding resistor. A resistance-grounded power system should have it's neutral-grounding resistor continuously monitored. During a single-phase-to-ground fault, current flows from the transformer
  • The Terms "Neutral" and "Ground" Seem to be Used Interchangeably. Do They Mean the Same?
    A neutral is a connection to an electrical system. In a three-phase WYE configuration, one end of each of the three generator or transformer windings is connected to a common point. This common point is called the neutral connection. The single-phase three-wire system is the common arrangement used
  • Selecting Harmonics Transformers vs. K-Factor
    . The electrical industry's first response to these four problems was to double the ampacity (current carrying capacity) of the neutral conductors so that they would not burn-up. This is becoming a standard design practice in office buildings. The second response was to beef-up the distribution
  • Harmonics and Harmonic Mitigating Transformers (HMTs): FAQs
    This document has been written to provide answers to the more frequently asked questions we have received regarding harmonics and the Harmonic Mitigating Transformer technology used to address them. This information will be of interest to both those experienced in harmonic mitigation techniques
  • A Microfluidic System for Biological Particle Enrichment Using Contactless Dielectrophoresis
    through the. main channel. High-frequency electric fields were provided. by a wideband, high-power amplifier and transformer combination. (Amp-Line Corp., Oakland Gardens, NY), and signal. generation was accomplished using a function generator. (GFG-3015; GW Instek, Taipei, Taiwan). Numerical Modeling

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