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  • Description: : Rapid Level Float Switch. Revolutionary new series of electro-magnetic level gages. Packed in "Kit" form. Only a few seconds are required to obtain the desired length: just cut the control rod to length. There are no electrical components submersed in the fluid. Can be

    • Device Classification: Sensor-Only
    • Instrument Display Options: Non-Electrical Visual or Audio Output
    • Level Measurement Type: Continuous Level
    • Measuring Range: 0.0 to 39.37 inch

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  • Description: -time fluid monitoring to engines, fuel systems, SCR systems, compressors, transmissions, gear boxes and many other industrial applications. Our new water-in-oil measurement sensor supplements the existing fluid quality range of products.

    • Device Classification: Sensor-Only
    • Level Measurement Type: Continuous Level
    • Media Type: Liquid
    • Meter Technology: Optical

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  • Description: . Work Quickly and Conveniently Fast Live, Focus Peaking, and Faithful Panoramic Imaging Dedicated new features make working with the UC90 even more convenient. The Fast Live function keeps the frame rate up whatever the exposure. This makes fluid sample navigation and precise

    • Application / Industry: Industrial, Scientific / Research
    • Camera Function: Still
    • Height: 1.85 inch
    • Horizontal Resolution: 1920 to 3384 lines

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  • Description: fluid-filled cylindrical cavity and isolated from measured media by a stainless steel diaphragm and body. The oil-filled cavity in this unique design of pressure sensor is at a minimum volume so the accuracy is greatly improved. The SPA 402 silicon pressure sensor is a thermally

    • Device Category: Sensor
    • Electrical Output: Analog Voltage
    • Media: Liquid, Gas
    • Operating Temperature: -40 to 257 F

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  • Description: is Original Equipment Manufacturer ("OEM") Factorytrained, to troubleshoot, repair, and calibrate the most complicated andsophisticated instrument in a timely manner. MQC has the ability to repair any instrument we calibrate to thecomponent level and certify to Manufacturer, Federal

    • Acoustic / Vibration Equipment: Sound Level Meters / Dosimeters, Position Sensor / Instrument, Speed / Velocity Instrument
    • Electrical / Electronic Test: Analyzers, Automated Test Equipment (ATE), Data Acquisition / Signal Conditioning, Data / Chart Recorder, Data / Chart Recorder, RF / Microwave Instruments, Generators (Function, Pulse, etc.), Oscilloscopes / Scopes, Power Supplies / Amplifiers, Specialty / Other
    • Inspection / NDT: Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Dimensional Gages / Instruments, Eddy Current Instruments, Hardness Testers, Materials Testing Equipment, Microscopes / Optical Instruments, Probes / Styli, Video / Imaging Equipment
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Southwest US Only

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  • Description: staff is Original EquipmentManufacturer ("OEM") Factory trained, to troubleshoot, repair, andcalibrate the most complicated and sophisticated instrument in a timely manner. MQC has the ability torepair any instrument we calibrate to the component level and certify toManufacturer, Federal

    • Capabilities: Certification, Field Evaluation / On-site Inspection, Program Development (QA Manual / Procedures)
    • Certification Level: Facilities / Equipment, Quality / Management Systems, Services
    • Certify / Evaluate To: ISO 9001, ISO 17025, MIL-SPEC, Other
    • Industry Applications: Aerospace / Avionics, Automotive, Battery / Energy Products, Food / Drugs, Electrical Distribution, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Health Care / Medical, Hydraulics / Pneumatics, Industrial / Machinery, Instruments / Sensors, Marine, Motor Controllers / Control Systems, Piping /

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  • Description: is Original Equipment Manufacturer ("OEM") Factorytrained, to troubleshoot, repair, and calibrate the most complicated andsophisticated instrument in a timely manner. MQC has the ability to repair any instrument we calibrate to thecomponent level and certify to Manufacturer, Federal

    • Capabilities: Ceramic Manufacturing, Electrical and Electromechanical Assembly, Electronic Manufacturing, Extrusion, Fiberglass Fabrication, Foam Fabrication
    • Industry Served: Aerospace / Avionics, Automotive, Food / Beverage, Hydraulics / Pneumatics, Industrial / Commercial, Instruments / Sensors, Marine, Medical / Health Care, Military / Defense, Pharmaceutical / Biotech, Telecommunications
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Southwest US Only
    • Services: Certification / Qualification, Testing / Inspection

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  • Description: is Original Equipment Manufacturer ("OEM") Factorytrained, to troubleshoot, repair, and calibrate the most complicated andsophisticated instrument in a timely manner. MQC has the ability to repair any instrument we calibrate to thecomponent level and certify to Manufacturer, Federal

    • Capabilities: Component / Product Comparison, Data Acquisition / Instrumentation, Field Evaluation / On-site Inspection, Evaluation / Trouble Shooting (FMEA), In-process / In-line Testing, Test Development, Test Fixtures / Equipment, Specialty / Other
    • Forms Tested / Certified: Products
    • Industry Applications: Aerospace / Avionics, Appliances, Automotive, Battery / Energy Products, Electrical Distribution, Hazardous Location Equipment, Health Care / Medical, HVAC, Plumbing and Lighting, Instrument & Sensors / Laboratory, Industrial / Machinery, Marine, Nuclear / Utility, Semiconductors /
    • Services Offered: Electrical / Electronic Testing, Functional / ATE, Load / Capacity Testing, Performance Testing, RF Emissions, Thermal Cycling / Shock, Specialty / Other

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  • Trends in Fluid Power
    The past 5 years have been especially exciting for critical hydraulic system component suppliers, especially manufacturers of sensors and actuators. Most notably, the migration towards distributed system control and device-level intelligence have produced the most dramatic changes in our products

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  • A Capacitive Sensing Toolkit for Pervasive Activity Detection and Recognition
    While utilized for industrial measuring ap- plications (e.g. fluid level sensing [2]) and in art projects for many years, the potential of capacitive sensors for hu- man computer interaction is being explored only recently. … as the School of Fish [7], DiamondTouch [1] or SmartSkin [5] have shown new and interesting applications …
  • GE Introduces New Corrosion-Resistant, Submersible Level Probe
    Typical applications of the new sensor , which is available in both gauge and absolute versions and requires … … 10VDC, 2mA power supply, include handling a wide range of corrosive fluids in the chemicals and petrochemicals industries, monitoring the levels of silages and chemicals … It can also be used for environmental monitoring, especially around industrial facilities and sites where there is …
  • Fluid Components International (FCI) Opens China Subsidiary
    Fluid Components International (FCI) announces the opening of its Beijing, China, subsidiary … … of gas flow meters, gas and liquid flow switches and liquid level switches, for application in industrial processes and plants, and temperature, flow and level sensor engineered for on-board … "This new operation provides localized, full-service capability to all of FCI's customers in China" said Dan …
  • Enhancing Performance with Pressure Sensors
    Pressure transducers have become an invaluable tool for the protection and optimisation of industrial equipment, converting fluid pressure into variable electrical signals that can monitor and control a system. Nevertheless, while existing transducers offer an impressive service, there is an ever-increasing level of accuracy in the output of these components, thanks to the new methods in which sensor elements and electronics packages are constructed.
  • Opportunities and challenges in high-rate wireless sensor networking
    I believe that the next wave, characterized by applications in industrial process control, fabrication plants, structural health monitoring, fluid pipelining monitoring, and hydrology, will involve … … higher data rates and will require new techniques for data delivery … … computing and networking in sensor networks. This talk will discuss these challenges at both the architectural and protocol levels , and suggest some research …
  • The Handbook of Nanomedicine
    … noninvasive technologies that can be applied to the detection and quantitation of biological fluids without the need for … … Development of biosensors utilizing new technologies that offer improved … … at the single-molecule level . r Development of biosensor … … and liquid in an industrial environment. A system with all the sensor components, software, plumbing, reagents, and sample processing is an example of …
  • Sensors Expo 2013: Standex-Meder to Showcase Sensor Solutions Range
    Custom molding capabilities allow Standex-Meder to design and build floats and sensors to suit any fluid level sensing application, and are particularly ideal for use in automotive applications. The new MK28 vane-operated sensors for harsh environments combine a reed sensor and actuator magnet in … They are ideal for applications in the automotive, industrial automation equipment, and robotics industries.
  • Reliability | MTS Systems offers new line of low-cost liquid level sensors | Plant Services
    The new modular ML sensor design combines highly repeatable and reliable core sensing elements with cost-engineered housings. … in a range of materials to accommodate applications in a wide variety of fluids that are part … “Using our low-cost core Temposonics sensing technology, we can now supply ML continuous level measurement products in applications where previously price has been an obstacle,” says Lee Aiken, industrial level product manager for MTS Sensors.
  • Science and Technology Review January and February 1996
    … envision electronic tape measures, automatic thermostats, automatic dispensers, games, and toys that incorporate the new MIR technology. In manufacturing, we are exploring robotic sensors , harsh-environment sensors, and industrial automation equipment based on MIR. One application in particular, the “electronic dipstick,” has the potential to revolutionize the way fluid levels are measured in virtually every industry.
  • A multi-electrode capacitance probe for phase detection in oil–water separation processes: design, modelling and validation
    … electrode capacitance probes Proc. 3rd World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography (2–5 September, Banff, Canada) . pp 750–5 [10] Asskildt K and Hansson P 1999 New measuring sensor for level detection in subsea separators … … 3rd World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography (2–5 September … … T and Jaworski A J 2002 Sensor array for detecting electrical characteristics of fluids US Patent 6419807 …