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  • Engineering techniques to obtain uniform heating of spherical metal objects in an induction furnace
    using 3M Nextel insulating materials wrapped .
  • Thermal insulation of wet shielded metal arc welds
    Commercially available, pliable, re-usable, non- toxic, and relatively inexpensive insulation materials ( Nextel AB-22 fabric is sold as woven seamless tubing with a 4 5/8 inch outside diameter at a cost of $40.40 per linear foot) have been tested in…
  • Bigelow Aerospace
    The key to the rugged protection is successive layers of Nextel , a material used as insulation under the hoods of many cars, spaced between several-centimeter-thick layers of open cell foam, similar to that used in chair cushions.
  • Tourists in Space
    …that provide insulation against space temperatures that can range from ‡121 C in the sun to À128 C in the shade and protection against MMOD by the use of successive layers of Nextel (a material used as insulation under the hoods of…
  • Space Exploration 2008
    These layers also provide protection against MMOD by the use of successive layers of Nextel (a material commonly used as insulation under the hoods of cars) and several-inches thick open cell foam.
  • Tate in Space
    Developed in consultation with scientists, the gallery uses advanced technology materials such as: Nextel , a high-strength ceramic material with high insulation performance, capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures (up to +250˚C/+482˚F in space); carbon fibres and nanotube (carbon fibres are…
  • Fibers, Specialty Inorganic
    Nextel ™ insulation products are used in the space shuttle as a gasketing material and as a fabric filler between adjacent silica heat tiles (allowing for tile expansion and contraction).
  • DIII-D research operations. Annual report to the Department of Energy, October 1, 1991--September 30, 1992
    The fragile, glass-like Nextel fiber insulation that was originally used was replaced with a machinable ceramic material that is installed and fixed in precise locations.
  • Integral Fast Reactor Program. Annual progress report, FY 1993
    The four insulation materials are splitting mica, muscovite (white mica), phlogopite (amber mica) and Nextel " (a ceramic tape from 3M Corp.) .
  • CR4 - Thread: Thermocouple Compensating Cables
    thermocouple wire and cable in a wide range of insulating and jacketing materials like fiberglass yarn, Asbestos Yarn, silica yarn, Alumina-Silica Yarn, Nextel Yarn, Stainless Steel Wire Braiding to suit the most demanding environmental conditions.