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  • Precise Control of Dissolved O2 and N2 (.pdf)
    There is a trend in the semiconductor industry for precise control of oxygen and nitrogen concentrations in ultrapure water. Specifically there is a goal in the polishing loop of a semiconductor plant to control dissolved oxygen to low levels of 1 ppb or 5 ppb. At the same time it is important
  • Liqui-Cel (R) Membrane Contactors Improve Performance of Megasonic Cleaning (.pdf)
    in the system setup. First, a system containing Liqui-Cel Contactors could be located in the polishing loop. Here the typical dissolved gas requirement is less than 1 ppb for O2 and around 3 ppm for N2. Second, a Nitrogen blanketed tank could be located in the polishing loop. The typical dissolved

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  • Ecology of Cyanobacteria II
    These thick-walled cells, which are interspersed in filamentous taxa, are a highly-specific morphological and physiological adaptation to ambient oxic conditions, in that they harbour the oxygen-sensitive nitrogen ( N2 ) fixing .
  • The Prokaryotes
    Dinitrogen fixation, the biocatalytic conversion of gaseous nitrogen ( N2 ) to ammonium, is an exclusive property of prokaryotes.
  • Past and Present Water Column Anoxia
    The former involves the reduction of oxidized nitrogen [mainly nitrate (NO3 −)] to molecu- lar nitrogen ( N2 ) when O2 concentration falls close to zero, and the latter leads to the production of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) when the water is completely stripped of …
  • Genetics and Regulation of Nitrogen Fixation in Free-Living Bacteria
    The capacity to fix molecular nitrogen ( N2 ) is virtually universal among members of the purple nonsulfur bacteria but the efficacy of the process varies considerably among species (for a review, see Madigan, 1995).
  • Encyclopedia of Agrochemicals 3 Volume Set
    Nitrogen ( N2 ) left from the air reacts with the hydrogen over a nickel catalyst to give ammonia (NH3 ).
  • Development and Application of Optimal Design Capability for Coal Gasification Systems
    … as a Function of Temperature for Nitrogen (N2)............................................126 Figure 52 Regression Results for Temperature as a Function of Entropy for Nitrogen (N2)............................................126 Figure 53 Regression Results for Enthalpy as a Function of Temperature for Nitrogen ( N2 ) ..........................................126 Figure 54 Regression …
  • Encyclopedia of Astrobiology
    À ) are used as ▶ electron acceptors, which may ultimately produce molecular nitrogen ( N2 ) through a series of intermediate gaseous nitro- gen oxide products.
  • The Early Evolution of the Atmospheres of Terrestrial Planets
    The two principal gaseous components of Titan’s atmosphere are molecular nitrogen N2 (98.5% in stratosphere) and methane CH4 (1.4% in stratosphere) [1].
  • The Prokaryotes
    Dinitrogen fixation, the biocatalytic conversion of gaseous nitrogen ( N2 ) to ammonium, is an exclusive property of pro- karyotes, with only few of them having this capacity.
  • Nitrogen and phosphorus interact to control tropical symbiotic N 2 fixation: a test in Inga punctata
    Summary  Symbiotic di‐ nitrogen ( N2 ) fixation is a critical biogeochemical process in tropical forests, yet it remains unresolved how fixation is controlled by the availability of soil nitrogen and phosphorus, two nutrients often considered limiting in terrestrial ecosystems.