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  • Storage Tanks and Process Tanks-Image
    Storage Tanks and Process Tanks - (1656 companies)
    Storage tanks and process tanks are bulk containers of varying size and configuration. Storage tanks and process tanks are general purpose industrial containers that can have many configurations depending upon dimensions, orientation, placement...
  • Gas Cylinders-Image
    Gas Cylinders - (114 companies)
    States, for example, gas cylinders are sometimes called bottled gas. In addition, different types of gas cylinders (e.g., industrial, medical, or home use) will have different release valves. Type of Gas. The three main types of compressed gases...
    Laboratory Bottles - (135 companies)
    Image Credit: U.S. Plastic Corporation. Laboratory bottles are chemically-resistant containers used for holding and dispensing fluids. They are used in chemical storage, labware cleaning, and other laboratory applications. Types of Laboratory...
  • Chemical Process and Petrochemical Gases-Image
    Chemical Process and Petrochemical Gases - (90 companies)
    ...compounds from fuel. Petrochemical gases include methane, ethane, propane, and butane. Process gases include single component gases, such as hydrogen or nitrogen, or multiple component gases, such as hydrogen sulfide. Chemical process and petrochemical...
  • Nitrogen Lasers-Image
    Nitrogen Lasers - (6 companies)
    Nitrogen lasers are an excellent source of high intensity, short pulse, ultraviolet radiation. They can be used as an excitation source, or as a pump for a dye laser. Image credit: Stanford Research Systems | Laser Innovations | USHO. Nitrogen...
    Industrial Valves - (2989 companies)
    Valves are mechanical devices that control the flow and pressure of liquids, gases, and slurries within a system. They are also known as regulators and are used in a wide variety of applications. Valves vary greatly in size, design, function...
    Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzers - (39 companies)
    Surface area and pore size analyzers are used to measure the surface area and pore size of a sample. Surface area helps determine parameters such as how solids dissolve, burn, and react with other materials. Pore size is often a secondary...
    Industrial Containers - (1615 companies)
    ...materials, shipping and storage. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit many applications and many industries. Types of Industrial Containers. There are many different industrial container options available depending on the application: A bag...
    Fluid Dispensing Equipment - (922 companies)
    ...with a determined mix ratio and shot size. Hot melt dispense units melt a media from a solid form and dispense as a liquid. One example is a hot glue gun. Important specifications for fluid dispensing equipment include dispense rate, media viscosity...
    Gas Pressure Regulators - (276 companies)
    Gas pressure regulators reduce the pressure of a gas, as it passes through a cylinder or process line, to another piece of equipment. Regulators are not flow control devices. They are used to control delivery pressure only.

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