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  • Fiberscopes-Image
    Fiberscopes - (89 companies)
    Fiberscopes are flexible borescopes that use fiber optic technology, an eyepiece at one end, and a lens at the other to inspect bores and cavities. They house fiber optic bundles in a flexible tube that allows users to change the viewing angle...
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  • Conductive Compounds-Image
    Conductive Compounds - (184 companies)
    Conductive compounds provide an electrically and/or thermally conductive path between components. There are two main types of conductive compounds, electrically conductive and thermally conductive. Electrically conductive compounds provide low...
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  • Thermal Compounds and Thermal Interface Materials-Image
    Thermal Compounds and Thermal Interface Materials - (185 companies)
    Thermal compounds and thermal interface materials form a thermally conductive layer on a substrate, between components or within a finished product. Description. Thermal compounds and thermal interface materials form a thermally conductive layer...
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  • Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Services-Image
    Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Services - (588 companies)
    Non-destructive testing (NDT) services use test methods to examine an object, material or system without impairing its future usefulness. Non-destructive testing services (NDT) use test methods to examine an object, material or system without...
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  • Videoscopes-Image
    Videoscopes - (117 companies)
    ...or fiber optics (fiberscopes). Videoscopes (or video borescopes) are advanced borescopes which use image sensors to relay images to an operator. While videoscopes share the same physical design as borescopes, they are disparate products in terms...
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    Dielectric Greases and Insulating Fluids - (110 companies)
    Dielectric greases and insulating fluids are applied to electric terminals in high voltage equipment to minimize disharges, insulate and lubricate non-conductive surfaces, exclude moisture, and conduct heat. Dielectric greases and insulating fluids...
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    Ground Enhancement Materials (GEM) - (16 companies)
    Ground enhancement materials (GEM) are conductive backfill materials used to increase the conductivity of the soil around grounding rods, bars or plates. Ground Enhancement Materials (GEM) are used in areas with poor ground conductivity to reduce...
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    Industrial Fabrics - (653 companies)
    Industrial fabrics consist of woven or non-woven cloth made from natural or synthetic materials. Industrial fabrics are designed and engineered to be used in products, processes, or services where functional requirement trump the aesthetic form...
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    Foil Tapes - (169 companies) acrylic adhesive that can be conductive or non-conductive. Their foil carriers offer UV protection, and are typically temperature resistant as well. While foil tapes have most of the aforementioned qualities in common, the carrier material largely...
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    Shrink Tubing - (457 companies)
    Heat shrink tubing conforms to the size and shape of wires, connections, open coils, and other electrically conductive elements to insulate and protect them from adverse environmental conditions. Shrink tubing conforms to the size and shape of wires...
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  • Image processing for the medicine 2006
    The visual inspection plays an important role in the medical diagnosis and therapy. The endoscopes with flexible image conductor are used for difficult accesses (so-called Fiberskope ) that show a bad resolution against linsenstarren models however on account of the fiber structure.
  • Image processing for the medicine 2005
    The flexible image conductor of current Fiberskope consists typically of an ordered glass fiber bundle or is manufactured from quartz. … glass fiber bundles show a bildweite homogeneity according to its core-shroud-structure in its arrangement and …
    … the most severe wear appeared to occur at spring and dimple locations, some non -leaking rods also … Profilometry of the rods, fiberscope inspections of grid cells, measurement of spring forces, and detailed visual examinations of leaking assembly rods were conducted .
  • The importance of postoperative choledochoscopy for management of retained biliarytract stones
    Postoperative choledochoscopy is usually conducted by insertion of the choledocho- fiberscope into the biliary tract through the sinus tract after removal of the T- tube. … tract is established and observation of the interior of the biliary tract and non -surgical extraction of …
  • 3D reconstruction of hollow parts analyzing images acquired by a fiberscope
    … ring gages to obtain the extrinsic parameters of the camera attached to the fiberscope and the metrological … To exemplify an application, a 3D reconstruction of the interior of a refrigerator duct was conducted . … is capable of 3D reconstruction of the interior of objects with uniform and non -uniform profiles from …
  • New flexible endoscope for otologic application
    Presently, investigations have been conducted using both rigid rod and fiberoptic endoscopes. in a non -invasive technique. … transtympanically through a myringotomy and Dr. Thomas Balkany has used small diameter flexible fiberscopes to examine the …
  • Gastric red spots in patients with cirrhosis: Subclinical condition of gastric mucosal hemorrhage?
    Using a flexible fiberscope (GIF-Q to Olympus, Tokyo, Japan), endoscopic examination was per- formed on 146 … The description of esopha- geal varices was conducted according to the Japa- nese criteria17. … patients with GRS, 12 cirrhotic patients without GRS (as disease control), and 15 non -cirrhotic patients with …
  • Endoscopic Treatment of Early Gastric Cancer
    … tip of the quartz fiber could not extend beyond the tip of the fiberscope with resulting in … Research was conducted in Japan to improve the durability of the tip of the quartz fiber, by … This method is called “ non -contact irradiation”.
  • [Cost analysis comparing single-use (Ambu® aScope™) and conventional reusable fiberoptic flexible scopes for difficult tracheal intubation].
    Reusable fiberscope presents the problem of availability, the risk of non -conventional infections transmission and the cost. Minimization-cost analysis conducted between 2006 and 2012.
  • Endoscopic treatment of gastric cancer
    The optical fiber was conducted via the biopsy channel of an endo- scope and the laser beam … … or was used to irradiate the tumor from a distance of 2 cm (the non -contact method). The resection was usually performed using a two-channel fiberscope .