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  • Terrorism & Oil
    Terrorism & Oil. Essential for anyone working in oil-related professions or concerned about resource security, this book discusses the vulnerabilities faced by the global petroleum supply and infrastructure in the wake of the war on terror.
  • Heavy Oil vs. Oil Sands
    What are Heavy Oil and Oil Sands? Extra-heavy crudes and oil sands are a major potential source to meet world energy demand.
  • Oil & Flammable Liquid Storage
    Storing Oil & Hazardous Liquids
  • Pipe Degradations in Oil Refineries Requiring Oil Flushing
    Pipes are used heavily in the oil refinery industry to transport chemicals both in liquid and in gaseous form. Pipes suffer from degradation over time for various reasons such as when transporting corrosive and combustible liquids and gases. Any pipe degradation is highly detrimental to the oil
  • The Coming Oil Crisis
    The Coming Oil Crisis. The history and current status of the important oil industry are reviewed in this study of the geological origins of oil and gas. The book assesses how much oil and gas has been produced, what remains in known fields, and what is yet to be found.
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
    Interfacial technology for efficient oil field exploitation
  • What Are Oil Refinery Tags?
    Oil refineries rely on metal identification tags for their safety and marking. This article gives the basics of tagging in the Oil industry.
  • Seeds Oil Content Measurement
    NMR is a rapid, simple and non-damaging technique for the determination of seeds oil content. This technology has been used for the determination of different seeds oil content. Such as rapeseed, soybean, peanut, sunflower seeds and other oil seeds. This paper introduces the NMR technique
  • Mineral Oil in Crystal Polystyrene
    Mineral Oil is added to Crystal Polystyrene to increase its flexibility. Precise control of the amount of mineral oil used is necessary to ensure the correct performance properties are obtained reproducibly. NMR can provide a rapid and effective means of monitoring the mineral oil content
  • Techniques for Measuring Oil in Water
    Oil in water analysis is a global issue that crosses many industries, analytical methods, and regulatory agencies. Due to the negative effects of oil on the. environment, there are strict limits on the amounts of oil allowed in water. Failure to meet these limits can lead to heavy fines.
  • Oil Well Testing Handbook
    Oil Well Testing Handbook. Providing real-life examples and cases, this resource contains the basics of well testing methods as well as all of the latest developments in the field, including testing for horizontal wells.

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