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  • Control valve actuators: Their impact on control and variability
    Electric control valve actuators provide excellent performance and are ideal for oil and gas wells in remote production fields...
  • Bellows smooth valve moves
    Off-the-shelf electrodeposited-nickel bellows replace costly and stroke-limited custom bellows in gas-turbine fuel-control valves. In-line, microprocessor-controlled valves from Continental Controls Corp. work with PLCs to match fuel flow to turbine rpm and load. Valves use two oil
  • Valve Actuators and Positioners Go Digital
    "Digital Fieldbus Technologies Catch Up to Valve Actuators and Positioners". Fieldbus is the name of a family of industrial computer network protocols used for real-time distributed control, standardized as IEC 61158. Advanced digital fieldbus technology has been successfully used in oil and gas
  • Hydraulic Speed Control
    . However, the significant difference between the two is that HSCs are not intended to absorb the impact velocity of a moving object, but rather control the speed. As the piston rod travels through the stroke of the HSC, oil is precisely metered through a series orifice. This ensures constant speed
  • Flow Switches for Oil/Gas Refinery Water Treatment
    , etc., that can be used in refinery wastewater treatment. They all, however, have one thing in common: liquid flow switches are necessary to monitor and control the flow of water and chemical additives throughout the wastewater treatment system. Flow switches are used at multiple points in water
  • Rotork is 'one-stop actuation shop' for storage tank expansion project
    Rotork has demonstrated its ability to be a one-stop shop for valve actuation products and services for an oil storage tank expansion project in Holland. Rotork's activities have encompassed the supply of intelligent electric actuators for isolating, modulating and failsafe valves, digital control
  • Controlling a Tank Filling Operation With Two Liquids for a Food Processor
    using a variety of turbine flowmeters, which require different calibrations. For each tank and type of chip, the flow of oil and water has to be cut off at a precise number of gallons by actuating the solenoid of a control valve. Control of the entire operation is from a central control room, which
  • Guidelines for sizing servohydraulics
    simulations demonstrate relatively stable pressures for the larger cylinder. Typical Bode plots show amplitude response and phase lag of the spool as a function of control-signal frequency. The graph shows operating characteristics of various valves. Linear valves with servo-quality spools provide flow
  • Sorting out servopneumatics
    Proportional pneumatics hold a sizable cost advantage over electric and hydraulic systems. The LS servopneumatic control system includes a dedicated device controller and a five-port, three-position, closedcenter directional valve. It accepts command signals from sources such as PLCs and computers
  • Accumulators handle the extremes
    temperatures are outside the capabilities of bladder accumulators. When fluid discharges, the float lowers, closing the valve and preventing nitrogen gas from escaping. A typical 11-gallon unit is about 9 in. in diameter and 60 in. high. When drilling for oil, small amounts of high-pressure natural gas

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