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  • Engineered Coatings Alleviate Drill Tooling Wear
    With today's oil and gas wells pushing deeper and deeper, metal drilling tools have to contend with increasingly corrosive conditions. Deep wells not only tend to exhibit concentrations of sour gas but also subject drilling tools to high temperature and pressures. Making matters worse, the rotary
  • Oil Fields Good
    Workholding solutions for the oil and gas industry constantly. are challenged by materials, the size and shape of. workpieces, and the processes being performed, which. include but are not limited to turning, milling, grinding, and. honing. Oil field goods include products ranging from tubular
  • Introduction to Oil & Gas Offshore Drilling
    In the search for oil and natural gas under the ocean, three general types of drilling rigs are used. A â jackupâ drilling rig is a floating barge with drilling equipment on its deck and long support legs, and is used in shallow waters up to 300 feet (90 meters). A semi-submersible is the most
  • Application Note: Monitoring Ocean Floor Levels During Oil Drilling
    To meet the long-term global demand for oil, drilling companies have been exploring in the deep and ultra-deep water for reserves at great expense. It's vital for the drilling companies to know where to drill and the type of environment they are entering, as well as leave the ocean floor unchanged
  • Oil Rig
    The brake is used to hold back torque in the drill string to avoid motor stall and to assist with positioning the drill bit when directional drilling. Dellner Brakes model SKD 50 hydraulic pressure applied brakes have been successfully used in this application.
  • Particle Size Analysis for Drilling in Petroleum Industry (.pdf)
    In order to drill a successful oil well, most drilling operators will use a good drilling fluid or mud (figure 1). Mud cools and lubricates the drilling tool, helps to attack the rock by injection under pressure, and cleans out the hole, carrying away the pieces of crushed rock. These mud systems
  • Vent Holes in Load Cell for Pressure Compensation and Cleaning
    The customer needs to measure the force on a hydraulic cylinder in a down-hole well logging tool. The pressure inside the oil-filled tool can reach 20,000 psi, which will cause the load cell to give false readings as if it was a pressure transducer. We drill two holes on opposite sides of the Model
  • Hydraulic Speed Control
    When using industrial equipment such as automated drill heads, positioning slides, and transfer conveyors, precise speed and feed control are required more often than not. While there are a number of options for precise control, probably the most cost effective is the Hydraulic Speed Control. HSCs

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  • Dictionary of the geology / Dictionary of Geology
    … basin dissolved gas n (free) associated natural the gas oil mining m oil mining, kerosene mining oil mine n oil of mine oil-forming oil formation f oleogenesis petroleum bitumen n asphaltic bitumen, kerosene bitumen oil drilling machine f kerosene rig oil …
  • A model for reusing service knowledge based on an empirical case
    Other comparisons between the aerospace industry (variant design) and customised equipment ( oil drilling equipment ) point to differences in the handling of service cases, with variant design more readily reusing design, and customised design focusing upon reusing the process (Vianello et al. 2010).
  • Vibration Analysis for Electronic Equipment 3rd Edition
    … Sources Definitions Vibration Representation Degrees of Freedom Vibration Modes Vibration Nodes Coupled Modes Fasteners Electronic Equipment for Airplanes and Missiles Electronic Equipment for Ships and Submarines Electronic Equipment for Automobiles, Trucks, and Trains Electronics for Oil Drilling Equipment Electronics for Computers, Communication …
  • Status and prospects of heat treatment in petroleum machinery manufacturing in China
    The main products include oil drilling equipment , oil (gas) extraction equipment, offshore oil and gas field development equipment, oil and gas processing equip- ment, oil and gas storage and transportation equipment, as well as associated power supply equipment, tools, and accessories, etc.
  • FIA - Forging Facts
    But you'll rarely see forgings, as they are normally component parts contained inside assembled items such a airplanes, automobiles, tractors, ships, oil drilling equipment , engines, missiles and all kinds of capital equipment - to name a few.
  • Venezuela Offshore Oil And Gas Production Development: Past, Present And Future
    The platfonns had to be sufficientlv large to accomodate all oil drilling equipment including boilers, tanks and storage for drill pipe and casing.
  • ZCP2005SMT036
    The Fraunhofer Center for Coatings and Laser Applications developed a diode laser coating process together with an industrial partner for cladding of oil drilling equipment [1].
  • H Steel - H Steel Manufacturers, Suppliers
    4145H Modified Steel Forged Drilling Stabilizer Collars For Oil Drilling Equipment .