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  • Controlling/Monitoring Chlorination of Cooling Water
    Many manufacturing processes require large amounts of water to provide cooling. Most notable of these are electric power generation plants for steam, oil refining, and petro-chemical manufacturing. In any process where water is used as a coolant, it can contain micro-organisms that interfere
  • Erosion-Corrosion in Cooling Systems
    Heat exchangers and cold plates are used in cooling applications to remove and transfer heat from one place to another using a heat transfer fluid such as water, ethylene glycol and water solution, oil, etc. There are thousands of combinations of fluids and fluid path materials used
  • Minimizing the Time to Cool Water for Hydro-test
    Pre-commissioning an oil and gas pipeline for field readiness requires a series of tests to ensure the structural integrity of the piping system before the final product is introduced. Chief among these procedures is the hydrotest, a pipeline flooding and pressurization process whereby water
  • Flow Switches for Oil/Gas Refinery Water Treatment
    The water used in the the cooling units, desalter units, and other water from throughout the plant creates a large amount of wastewater with VOC's that must be treated before it is recycled or discharged. There are many different types and choices of systems, chemicals, filters, membranes, screens
  • Flow Switches for Refinery Water/Wastewater Control
    To ensure quality production of petroleum-based products in oil refineries, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, heating oil, and byproducts for plastics and a variety of lubricants, operators must establish reliable water monitoring and treatment. There are three refinery process areas
  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: Five factors to consider before making the switch to aftermarket oil
    of the. past. Higher oil temperatures can allow heat recovery. for underfloor glycol warming systems or reduce. penalties associated with liquid injection oil cooling,. but only if the lubricants are designed to operate at. the higher temperatures while maintaining proper. viscosity. * Quality base stocks
  • Two-Channel Pneumatic Rotary Joint
    During 360-degree arbitrary rotation work rotary joint can transmit media:compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen, cooling water, hot water, hot oil, and other media.
  • Pneumatic Rotary Joint, Hydraulic Rotary Joint, Conductive Slip Ring
    Rotary joint is a 360° rotating parts, with good sealing performance, is able to solve the situation of winding, winding pipe linker rotating pipeline transmission compressed air, cooling water, hydraulic oil, and other fluid media equipment.

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