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  • Smart Computing Article - Windows 98 Networking & Online Errors
    Windows 98 Networking & Online Errors June 2004 Vol.8 Issue 3 Page(s) 72-75 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Windows 98 Networking & Online Errors Networking errors can leave you without any method for archiving your data to a remote server. If a crash occurs on your own computer, you
  • Smart Computing Article - Untangling The Web
    of human knowledge and discusses a theoretical machine called a memex, a mechanized file retrieval system. Ted Nelson coins the term "hypertext " and begins work on Project Xanadu, a system of worldwide hypertext contained within computer networks. Doug Engelbart demonstrates the NLS (oNLine System
  • Smart Computing Article - How To . . . Use Internet Explorer Offline
    , it isn't necessary to connect to the Internet every time you want to visit a Web site. Whenever you go online to surf the Web, Explorer stores a copy of all pages visited, as well as all sounds, graphics, animations, and movies accessed, in Windows' Temporary Internet Files folder on your hard drive
  • Smart Computing Article - How To Publish A Web Site On Your Own Server
    What exactly does it mean to publish your Web site on the Internet? After you've created a site with HyperText Markup Language (HTML), you need to make it available to other people using the Internet through a Web server. A is software that manages the files you've put together to create a Web site
  • [Chapter 4] 4.4 Four Types of sed Scripts<
    In this section, we are going to look at four types of scripts, each one illustrating a typical sed application. The first type of sed script demonstrates making a series of edits in a file. The example we use is a script that converts a file created by a word processing program into a file coded
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    Synopsys gets behind VCX as group demos online tools The Virtual Component Exchange (VCX), a not-for-profit industry organization seeking to streamline the business and legal aspects of licensing intellectual property (IP) cores, is due to demonstrate the first prototypes of its online tools next
  • Smart Computing Article - Jump-Start Your Internet Connection With DSL
    Jump-Start Your Internet Connection With DSL November 1999 Vol.3 Issue 4 Add To My Personal Library Jump-Start Your Internet Connection With DSL An In-Depth Look At Digital Subscriber Line Technology Until recently, users had only one way to get online from their homes. You chose an Internet
  • Smart Computing Article - No PC Required
    January 2000 Vol.6 Issue 1 Add To My Personal Library Internet Appliances & Devices Keep You Online Regardless Of Where You Are Today, "going online " means sitting down in front of a desktop or laptop computer and using any of several programs to retrieve e-mail, transfer files, and surf the Web

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