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    Optical Character Recognition Software (OCR) - (24 companies)
    Optical character recognition software, or OCR software, translates images of printed, handwritten, or typewritten text into a computer editable digital, usually ASCII, text format. The digital text can then be opened and used with desktop...
  • Scanning Software-Image
    Scanning Software - (273 companies)
    Scanning software is used with optical and document scanners or with other imaging equipment to digitize, create, edit and evaluate images. Document scanners are devices that scan two-dimensional (2D) objects and convert them into digital images...
    Document Management Software - (115 companies)
    ...and features. Software applications that are part of a larger, hardware-based document management system (DMS) may support capabilities such as batch scanning and optical character recognition (OCR). Document templates, reporting tools, and full-text...
    Human Resources Software - (67 companies)
    ...with employee self-service and manager self-service portals are also available. Specifications. Human resources software differs widely in terms of capabilities. For example, applicant tracking software may include optical character recognition (OCR...
  • Operating System Software-Image
    Operating System Software - (279 companies)
    Operating system software includes platforms for operating, managing, and monitoring industrial networks and computers. Unlike client software which resides on an individual 's computer, operating system software resides on a server and manages...
    Supply Chain Management Software (SCM) - (227 companies)
    Supply chain management software (SCM) is used to track and monitor products and services. Supply chain management software (SCM) is used in the management of producing a product from raw materials through the various manufacturing and distribution...
    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Scanners - (18 companies)
    Optical character recognition (OCR) scanners read handwritten, typed, or printed text from paper and translate the data into a format that can be manipulated by computers. Optical character recognition (OCR) software is a related, but separate...
    Online Communities - (157 companies)
    ...architect to build or customize a software platform for use by the community. Online Community Life Cycle. An online community may go through a lifecycle of four phases: Forming - The community is conceptualized. Storming - The community is created...
    Online Directories and Search Engines - (423 companies)
    Online directories list companies on web sites that focus on specific industries or segments. Search engines provide targeted web results based on keywords and other advanced criteria. Online directories and search engines provide links to websites...
    Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Services - (1450 companies)
    ...and schematics with the motion control component of an automated manufacturing machine. Computer-aided manufacturing software is used to sequence processes on a variety of machines, milling and turning equipment, integrated circuit design systems...

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