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  • High Speed Fiber Optic Infrared Transmitter (.pdf)
    One of the most effective methods of making non-contact high temperature measurements in industrial applications is with a fiber optic infrared probe. These devices typically consist of a lens probe assembly which is aimed at the object to be measured, and a fiber optic interconnecting cable, which
  • Hydroxyl and Acid Numbers in Resin Melts with a ChemView (R) Photometer
    To measure hydroxyl and acid numbers on-line in resin melts to determine end-of-reaction across different products with a Clear-View TM or ChemView (R) photometer and fiber optic probe.
  • Medical Device Link .
    was inconclusive. A team from the biomedical engineering department of the University of Wisconsin at Madison has developed a thin fiber-optic probe that can be threaded through the hollow channel of a biopsy needle to its tip. Used in conjunction with x-ray or
  • Medical Device Link .
    Fiber-Optic Probe at the Heart of MRI-Safe Pacemaker Probe tip is similar in size to pacemaker leads that it replaces In 1997, FDA published a draft document recommending that individuals with implanted pacemakers should not enter magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedure rooms or come within
  • Medical Device Link .
    R &D Digest: The monthly review of new technologies and medical device innovations. A fiber-optic probe and a special interferometer could spot early signs of cancer faster than current methods and thus reduce the need for biopsies. The technology, called angle-resolved low-coherence interferometry
  • NIR Water Measurements Online Monitoring in Liquid Samples
    to the hydrocarbon background. Moreover, because water is commonly analyzed with a single wavelength, photometers are the instrument of choice. The purpose of this application note is to show you how we arrive at recommending a system, that is, a photometer with the proper wavelengths and a fiber optic probe
  • Caustic in Water with a ClearView Filter Photometer System
    Purpose: To measure NaOH concentration in water on-line with the no moving parts ChemView (R) filter photometer and a fiber optic flow probe for a slip stream. Approach: There are several ways to analyze a mostly aqueous stream. Water is an intense absorber in the NIR, requiring small optical paths
  • Caustic & Carbonate On-Line Monitoring with a ChemView (R) Photometer
    Purpose: To simultaneously measure caustic (NaOH) and sodium carbonate in aqueous process streams, particularly at low (<2%) caustic concentrations, using a ChemView (R) NIR photometer and fiber optic probe. Background: The dominance of water in the NIR hampers the measurement of caustic

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