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  • Properties & Reliability of Improved Large Acceptance Optical Fibers
    of the new high numerical aperture (NA) optical fibers are at least as good as those for standard NA HPCS fibers, which is an advance from previous results on the older formulation clad fibers.
  • High Numerical Aperture Silica Core Fibers
    /silica construction. Pure silica core, all silica optical fibers are now available with an NA of 0.30 + 0.02. Variations include fibers with non-solarizing ultraviolet transmission as well as fibers with transmission through the near infrared [IR] region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Additionally
  • Phased Array of Phased Arrays for Free Space Optical Communications
    An aperture composed of multiple small apertures has several advantages over a large continuous aperture when practical issues are included in the analysis.
  • Instantaneous Phase-Shift, Point-Diffraction Interferometer
    Wavefront measurement is important in the manufacture of individual optical components and for the optimization of sub-assemblies in optical data storage. The trend towards short-wavelength, high numerical-aperture pickup systems predicates the need for active optical alignment during final
  • Dynamic Interferometry: Getting Rid of the Jitters
    Conditions on the factory floor and in industrial cleanrooms with high-capacity air filtration systems can hamper the use of interferometry. Another problem is the testing of large-aperture mirrors where it is difficult to mechanically isolate them and the structures needed to support the optical
  • Dynamic Interferometry Handles Vibration
    is the testing of large-aperture mirrors (1-10 m) when it is difficult to mechanically isolate such mirrors and the structures needed to support the optical test; in addition, long optical paths produce air-turbulence problems. To make things worse, the next generation of large-aperture lightweight mirrors
  • Correction Methods for Semiconductor Laser Diodes
    entrance NA (numerical aperture) of the microlens captures virtually all of the optical energy available from the laser diode. * Another method of beam circularization employs a pair of anamorphic correcting prisms. By adjusting the angles of the prisms and incorporating a circular aperture, we can
  • Self-weight Distortion of Lens Elements
    Changes in the shape of large lens elements due to the influences of gravity are important to consider in the fabrication, testing and assembly of optical systems. Tried and proven methods used for mounting large mirrors to minimize the effects of gravity are typically not applicable to large

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