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  • Sensor Sense: Optical data transmission
    Optical data transmission (ODT) offers a means of sending data between moving objects without some of the drawbacks associated with radio-frequency and wired-communications methods. ODT essentially replaces the radio waves or electrical wires with a beam of light. The sensors in ODT devices
  • Tight Squeeze: Optical Imaging For Cramped Quarters
    , and geometric errors. Now more than ever before semiconductor equipment such as wirebonders and surface profiling equipment requires integrated sensors that can monitor a process or locate material. These sensors are often optical imaging systems. Yet I have visited many semiconductor equipment
  • All From One Mold - Optical, Ultra Sound, Inductive and Capacitive Sensors
    , especially where different sensor technologies are required. The proven and time-tested sensor series 20 from Baumer Electric offers all sensor technologies currently on the market in a compact plastic casing with small installation depth: The range of products consists of optical, inductive
  • How to Push Efficiency Using Laser Triangulation Sensors
    Laser triangulation sensors project a red or blue laser beam onto the surface. The light reflected from the spot is imaged by an optical receiving system onto a position-sensitive element in the sensor. If the sensor or the measurement object are moved towards the laser beam, the laser sensor
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Encoder Sensing Technologies, Motion Detection Theory and Methods, and Signal Output Styles
    . Regardless of type, all encoders provide a method of orientation detection that's used as a reference point for position control. An encoder (for industrial controls) is a special sensor that captures position information and relays that data to other devices. The position information can
  • About Magnetic Sensors and Encoders
    Magnetic sensors indirectly measure properties such as direction, position, rotation, angle and current by detecting the magnetic field and its changes. Compared to other direct methods, such as optical or mechanical sensor, most magnetic sensors require some signal processing to get the property
  • Measuring the long haul
    . But where stainless tape is punched with a coded pattern and read by an optical sensor, the new method makes use of an extruded aluminum profile containing buried magnets. A special Hall-effect sensor detects the magnets and determines absolute position. These position multiplexer encoders, or Pomux
  • Getting the most out of servocontrollers
    by the motion controller. Unlike stepmotors, which move in discrete steps determined by the motor construction itself, servomotors require a position-feedback device to sense where they are. The most common type of position-feedback device in use today is the optical-incremental encoder. Other types

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