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    Optocouplers - (138 companies)
    Optocouplers are capable of transferring an electrical signal between two circuits while isolating the circuits from each other. Optocouplers are electronic components which use light waves to provide electrical isolation while transferring...
    Optocoupler Input
    Optocoupler Output
    Isolation Voltage
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    Resistors - (733 companies)
    ...and length (L), and inversely proportional to area (A). R = p x (L / A). This principle is analogous to a roadway or pipe, where congestion (larger p) and longer paths (larger L) make flow more difficult (increasing R), while wider or large diameter...
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    Magnetic Receivers - (5 companies)
    Magnetic receivers use the electromagnetic principle to receive and analyze signals. The simplest of these devices is the telephone. Magnetic receivers use the electromagnetic principle to receive and analyze signals. Electromagnetic principle can...
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    Isolation Amplifiers - (40 companies)
    ...of techniques to minimize large-signal nonlinearity and distortion. These techniques include using a linear optocoupler (LOC) to increase the linearity of the isolation amplifier over a particular signal range. Linear optocouplers (LOC) consist of an input...
    Labyrinth Seals and Clearance Seals - (23 companies)
    Labyrinth seals and clearance seals are minimum-leakage seals that protect machine elements from contamination through a noncontact method. They operate on the principle of positive clearance and do not rub on shafts or housing. Features. Labyrinth...
    Tachometers - (318 companies)
    Tachometers are used to measure the velocity of a rotating object. They operate on the principle that a driven motor (i.e., a motor operated as a generator) produces a voltage that is proportional to the angular velocity of the motor shaft...
    Eddy Current Proximity Sensors - (33 companies)
    Eddy current proximity sensors and switches detect the proximity or presence of a target by sensing the magnetic fields generated by a reference coil.
    Flow Cytometers - (21 companies)
    Flow cytometers use laser beams to characterize single cells as they pass by at high speed.
    High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC) - (137 companies)
    High performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC) use a liquid mobile phase to separate the components of a mixture. The components are dissolved in a solvent and forced to flow through a chromatographic column under high pressure.
    Centerless Grinding Services - (285 companies)
    Centerless grinding services perform a machining operation in which an abrasive wheel grinds metal from a bar surface while a regulating wheel forces the bar against the grinding wheel.

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