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  • Dubbel
    … material surface N 14 -, gain ratio N 14 -, volume flow density N 14 estate car boiler M 32 estate-car-power stations L 22 -, GUD process L 22 -, boiler fire box L 23 … … commutation V 36 compact outer mass Q 2 compatibility … … 22 -, adjustment and control P 23 -, path control P 22, P 23 contact corrosion F 19 junction … … generation of diffusion layers E 106 -, cathodic protection E 106 -, corrosion protection through inhibitors E 107 -, korrosionsschutzgerechte …
  • Properties and effects of water-soluble inhibitors on the corrosion rates of structural metals
    For example, inhibitors can be added to the contents of holding tanks and cans, boilers , oil well and refinery equipment, fuels, lubricants, and recirculation systems. … phosphates, chromates, nitrites, silicates), amino compounds, imidazolines, and many other compounds have been used for corrosion inhibition. … would also be applicable for use on vehicles and other equipment exposed to outdoor conditions, especially in …
  • Dubbel
    … boiler M 31 estate-car-power stations L 23 -, GUD process L 23 -, boiler fire box L … … indirect Y 12 kommutatorloser direct current motor V 33 commutation V 37 compact outer mass Q 2 … … 21 -, adjustment and control P 22 -, path control P 21, P 22 contact corrosion F 19 junction … … generation of diffusion layers E 97 -, cathodic protection E 97 -, corrosion protection through inhibitors E 97 -, korrosionsschutzgerechte …
  • Technical development of buildings
    The fuel oil mixing affect the additives of corrosion protection means ( inhibitors ) indeed favorably, no safe protection is however the bottom liquid because of different chemical composition. The plastic containers are corrosion-resistant to transport because of its low weight easily and mostly so transparent that the oil level is from the outside easily recognizable by aboveground storage. … 5.000l, may be mounted in heating spaces or installation spaces of heating boilers provided this space …
  • Impacts of TMDLs on coal-fired power plants.
    Coal is generally stored onsite in large outdoor piles. The boiler feed water must be highly purified to prevent scaling and other operational problems. Specialty chemicals such as biocides, oxygen scavengers, and corrosion inhibitors are often added to the boiler feed water.
  • Uhlig's Corrosion Handbook 3rd Edition Complete Document
    For outdoor spraying a NIOSH-approved oil mist mask, as worn when spraying indoors, is recommended. ATMOSPHERIC CORROSION Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors Volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs), also called vapor-phase inhibitors (VPIs) are used in close … In boilers , volatile basic compounds, such as morpholine or hydrazine, are transported with steam to prevent corrosion …
  • Corrosion Standards and Control in the Nuclear Power Industry
    Vapor- phase inhibitors are also prohibited. … that small carbon steel components (and other materials that do not resist atmospheric corrosion ) be packaged in … MIL-B-3180B describes the packaging of the waterside of boilers which is pertinent to surfaces that … … be capable of passing a 30-day humidity test and a 6-month outdoor storage in a …
  • Handbook of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, 2/e > AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS: SPACE CONDITIONING SYSTEMS
    Inhibitors must be added at the same time to resist corrosion . … heat loss shall be controlled by shutting down the circulating pump on the outdoor cooling tower loop … A water heater or a hot water boiler is used to provide heat energy to the water …
  • Corrosion Engineering > Protective Coatings
    For outdoor spraying a NIOSH approved oil mist mask, as worn when spraying indoors, is recommended. Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors In boilers , .
  • Chapter 7 Corrosion
    … indoors in lamps and heating equipment not connected by a flue to the outdoor atmosphere, sulfur con … In household or industrial furnaces and boilers , sulfur content is usually significant only in those installations where economizers or air pre- heaters of very high efficiency permit condensation of moisture from the flue gases on cool metal surfaces, with resultant corrosion . … other additives, to impart ex- treme pressure properties, or to act as bearing-corrosion inhibitors , or both.