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  • Using External Memory with PIC24F/24H/dsPIC33F Devices
    This application note describes the methodology to use the Parallel Master Port (PMP) module to interface with external data memory; either external Flash or external RAM. This application note also lists the APIs and describes how to implement different types of interfaces.
  • Fonts in the Microchip Graphics Library
    of connecting to display devices, such as the Parallel languages. For products with displays, that increases Master Port (PMP), and which are supported by the the functional requirements and compounds the Microchip Graphics Library. problem of keeping costs down. For an overview of the library's
  • An Innovative Cabling Concept Improves Reliability for Multi-Axis Stage Systems
    , and encoders are integrated. Alternatively to CAN open, the communication with a master computer may be executed via a serial port (RS232). By miniaturizing the electronic PCBs, the size and mass of the individual control boxes is smaller than a comparable cabling system. For the 3 axis XYZ system