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  • Preheating steel rods for forging in a fastener manufacturing process
    Induction is effective heating steel rods to 2100 ºF (1149 ºC) evenly across their length in 25 seconds. This innovative solution employs eight coils to heat eight rods to the desired temperature in a parallel process...
  • Process Optimization Reality Checks
    bridging the knowledge gap between discovery, process development and pilot scale, and one hopes manufacturing. The company s PPR (parallel pressure reactor) holds between 16 and 96 parallel semi-batch continuous stirred pressure reactors suitable for testing difficult chemistries
  • Characterizing a rapid thermal annealing process to improve sensor yield
    in the production of acceleration sensors, surface micromachining requires the integration of traditional semiconductor processing with a sound, thorough understanding of material properties and mechanics. Basically, these silicon-based precision sensors convert a raw physical input signal
  • Modular Manufacturing: A Paradigm Shift for Pharma Plants
    and execution. This article will discuss some of the issues involved in designing and building new facilities using prebuilt modules. Because these modules are assembled from thousands of parts in a parallel process similar to ship or aircraft assembly, the initial stages of any modular construction
  • Glossary of Terms
    Accumulation Accumulation is the process by which data that have been acquired from a number of similar scans are added together in computer memory. Acid Etching A technique that uniformly thins CCDs to approximately 10 µm so that an image can be focused on the back of the parallel register (where
  • Vacuum Brazing of Aluminum Cold Plates and Heat Exchangers
    metal. The filler metal, also known as a braze alloy, is drawn into the closely mated parallel surfaces of the aluminum plates by capillary action. The attributes of the vacuum brazing process include uniform heating, tight temperature control, no post cleaning processes, and process repeatability.
  • Smart Computing Article - The Need For Speed
    August 2000 Vol.4 Issue 3 Page(s) 169-174 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Parallel Processing Can Mean Super-Fast Performance An asymmetrical multiprocessing system designates one processor to run system-oriented tasks and another processor to perform user-oriented tasks
  • Stress Relaxation of a Polymer Melt
    One of the quickest means to determine the relaxation behavior of a polymer is to perform a step. increase in strain and monitor the relaxation of the sample. Relaxation data relate directly to. important process parameters such as the cycle time in injection molding. In the figure below, a high
  • Investigation of Trim Notch and its Effect on Surface Mount Resistors in RF Circuits
    for use in RF applications are typically trimmed using the scan trim technique. In this process the material is ablated parallel to the flow of current starting at one edge of the film. This effectively narrows the resistive film without changing the uniform area perpendicular to the current flow
  • MICRO: Editor's Page
    any pundits have decried the inadequacies of technical and scientific education in U.S. schools. Yet kids today take to the latest technological gadgets like hummingbirds to sweet nectar, even if most are clueless about the inner building blocks of their prized gizmos. On a parallel track

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  • Encyclopedia of Parallel Computing
    In: st international conference on parallel processing (ICPP), vol II, An Arbor, MI, pp – .
  • packetC Programming
    … for High Performance Packet Processing .........311 ■ REPRINT 2: A Paradigm for Processing Network Protocols in Parallel..............319 ■ REPRINT 3: Dynamically Accessing Packet Header Fields at High-speed..........329 ■ REPRINT 4: packetC Language and Parallel Processing of Masked Databases .335 …
  • Parallel Computing
    In 1995, he obtained the habilitation degree in numerical mathematics and parallel processing from the University of Salzburg (Austria).
  • Frontiers of High Performance Computing and Networking – ISPA 2006 Workshops
    As the need for ubiquity grows, there has been great effort to support ubiquitous computing environments through distributed and parallel processing over networks.
  • Recent Advances in Parallel Virtual Machine and Message Passing Interface
    SPMD has also been implemented in COBOL environments to exploit parallel processing of commercial applications.
  • Parallel and Distributed Processing
    Models and Supportive Env. – Workshop on High Performance Data Mining – Workshop on Solving Irregularly Structured Problems in Parallel – Workshop on Java for Parallel and Distributed Computing – Workshop on Biologically Inspired Solutions to Parallel Processing Problems – Workshop on …