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  • Wired 12.04: The God Particle and the Grid
    , circular tunnel that straddles the Switzerland-France border. Then a tiny adjustment in the magnetic field throws the proton into the path of another particle beam traveling just as fast in the opposite direction. Everything goes kerflooey. This will happen 10 million times a second inside the Atlas
  • Particle Analysis for the QbD Era
    , has developed an automated means of in-process particle characterization that aims to speed and simplify materials analysis for drug manufacturers. Part scanning electron microscope, part energy dispersive spectrometer, the ASPEX Rx has a variety of applications beyond basic quality control, and also
  • Improvements in Low Power, End window, Transmission-Target X-ray Tubes
    analysis (FEA) charged-particle beam modeling software it was possible to design an improved cathode optic with significantly better electron beam performance. This results in higher electron density on the target and a more stable beam position. 4) Finally, innovations in the high-voltage power supply
  • Medical Device Link .
    New Device Provides Better Virus Detection Environmental-health monitoring systems at hospitals could be improved with the development of a device sensitive enough to detect a single virus particle. (West Lafayette, IN) researchers have produced a miniature cantilever, a beam of silicon
  • Drift Correction (.pdf)
    Samples being analyzed in a scanning electron microscope can build up a charge from the beam. This happens when a sample or area (i.e. phase, particle, edge, etc.) does not conduct the electrical charge from the electron beam away from the sample properly. Gross examples of charging can be observed
  • Medical Device Link .
    an acknowledged expert in particle accelerator technology to a world leader in gamma, EtO, and E-beam medical sterilization. Now, IBA is undergoing another transformation, as it changes the name of its medical sterilization business to Sterigenics, while continuing to expand its global operations
  • MICRO:Top 30 (November/December 2001)
    The fully automated Expida dual-beam structural diagnostics tool performs in-fab characterization and analysis of process excursions and defects. The instrument can be reconfigured from 200- to 300-mm wafer manufacturing with minimal interruption. The tool allows users to cut, view, measure
  • Laser Diffraction
    The technique of laser diffraction relies on the fact that particles passing through a laser beam scatter light at an angle that is inversely proportional to their size (small particles scatter light at high angles whereas large particles scatter light at low angles). It is therefore possible

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