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  • Smart Computing Article - Booting Your PC
    are in for a treat. We'll spend some time going through the boot process, which is the process your PC completes when starting up, and explaining a key component to your PC's startup known as the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS). The BIOS performs several vital functions before passing control over
  • Smart Computing Article - Inside The PC's Brain
    or controlling all data transfer and processing; it processes data and it is a single self-contained chip or unit. The CPU's speed and performance are directly related to a PC's ability to do its work, making it by far the most vital of computer components. The question of how microprocessors do
  • Smart Computing Article - DOS
    and the seasoned pro, the DOS prompt is the real "window " to get the power of the PC working for you. DOS controls all connections between a PC's central processing unit (CPU) and peripherals attached to the PC's motherboard. When you read, save, or print a file, the PC relies upon DOS to get the job done. DOS
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    expenses by $8 million to $9 million. have released its forecasted top-10 chip rankings for 2010 and also believe that IBM will exit the foundry business after unloading its PC unit. Cypress moves unsettle PLD market Cypress Semiconductor downplaying reports of a retreat from programmable logic
  • Smart Computing Article - Network Management
    . The trick is to give the router the correct MAC (Media Access Control) address; therefore, you need to know the exact MAC address that s registered before you get started. Chances are good that the registered address is recorded within your ISP s setup documents. Next, install your connection-sharing
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission relating to a proposed follow-on public offering of 3,565,000 shares of its common stock. Spectrum Control acquires REMEC's RF components business Spectrum Control Inc. has acquired the RF and microwave Components Business Unit
  • Smart Computing Article - Step 12: Test Your System
    Before you take your just-completed PC on its first trial run, double-check to make sure all the cables, cards, and wires are plugged in firmly and correctly, including the grounding wire, which is typically screwed against the chassis' sheet metal near the power supply. Once you've confirmed
  • Smart Computing Article - How To Install . . . Joysticks
    to shoot at rudimentary targets or jump over simple obstacles. However, just as today's latest PC games are light years ahead of that original console version of Space Invaders, so too are the joysticks you use to control them. Joysticks are no longer just tools for shooting aliens. Today
  • New Calibration Management Suite Facilitates 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
    applicable to the pharmaceutical industry and to other FDA-regulated industries. "CMX complies with 21 CFR Part 11 and excels at security, audit trails, electronic signatures and change management control, " says Sami Koskinen, Beamex's software product manager. Among the features that facilitate 21 CFR 11
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    Evans announced Tuesday (Jan. 14) that the Bush administration has relaxed controls on U.S. exports of general purpose microprocessors. HP claims top stop in PC market for 2002 With
  • Smart Computing Article - The Upgrader's Torment
    attached to the system must, at some point, communicate with the central processing unit (CPU) under control of a program, usually an operating system. That's the only way an application can control the system as a whole. To make the connection between hardware device and CPU, you must fiddle
  • Baxter Tackles Insoluble Solutions
    fully automated, PC-controlled loading and unloading equipment developed by BOC Edwards (Wilmington, Mass). Operator contact is eliminated, improving safety and cleanliness while increasing output. Photo courtesy of Pharmadule. Added Capacity Is Flexible, Modular Baxter has taken a modular approach
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    /O technology in the data center is as twisted as a wiring closet. Four years ago...ST forms system-level research unit Electroformer forms MEMS, LIGA division DRAM Bulletin: PC recovery seems far off as prices plummet PicoChip claims 3G evaluation, as Intel stalks the field BATH, England -- PicoChip
  • Machine Vision: Seeing (Electronically) Is Believing
    Camera Link interface. Camera dimensions are 31mm (W) x 29mm (H) x 80mm (D). Toshiba Teli America, Inc., Irvine, Calif. Peco Controls will debut its LabelScan camera-based label inspection system at Pack Expo Las Vegas (Booth #C-2902). The system uses PC-Eyebot technology, which
  • TECH TIPS on Implementing the IIOT via IO-Link
    and switching status can provide a wealth of troubleshooting. information. To make the most of the available data, query the sensor with a portable configurator. These handheld units are battery-powered and connect to sensors directly, so there's no need to be tethered to a laptop or PC. In addition