Products/Services for Perlite Silicate Pipe Insulation

    Insulation Jacketing - (64 companies)
    Insulation jacketing consists of an outer covering that is wrapped around tubing or pipe insulation to protect the insulation from moisture, wear and mechanical damage. The jacket also serves to provide support for the insulation and establish...
  • Cement, Concrete, and Mortar-Image
    Cement, Concrete, and Mortar - (615 companies)
    Cement, concrete and mortar are polymer or cement-based binders, compounds or aggregate mixtures for joining components and forming structures.
    Silica, Quartz, and Silicate Materials - (161 companies)
    How to Select Silica, Quartz and Silicate Materials. Silica, quartz and silicate materials include fused silica, quartz, kaolin or clay-based materials, cordierite, steatite, forsterite, sillimanite, zircon, porcelain, and fireclay. They are based...
  • Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Materials-Image
    Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Materials - (495 companies)
    Braided product - Braided products are used for tubular composite structures, thermal insulation fabrics, and in other applications. Ceramic / inorganic - Ceramic or inorganic materials include aluminum oxide, quartz, silicates, cements, boron nitride...
  • Pipe Fittings-Image
    Pipe Fittings - (1924 companies)
    Pipe fittings cover many components that connect pipe ends for in-line, offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations. Pipe fittings are parts that connect pipe sections together or to other components in in-line, offset, multi-port, or mounting...
    Insulation Fabrication Services - (113 companies)
    Insulation fabrication services convert, cut, laminate, sew, and/or assemble fiberglass, foam, mineral wool, ceramic, or other insulating materials into custom fabricated products such as thermal covers, blankets, and pipe wraps. Typically...
    Ceramic Insulation and Textiles - (153 companies)
    Ceramic insulation and textiles are fibrous refractories or thermal insulation products that consist of ceramic fibers in bulk, cloth, batting, paper or rope forms. Ceramic insulation and textiles are fibrous refractories or thermal insulation...
    Sprayers and Spray Coating Equipment - (385 companies)
    Sprayers and spray coating equipment refers to any component used in a variety of industrial spraying processes, including application tools, handling equipment, and supplemental machines. They are used in the process of atomizing coatings, paints, lubricants, solvents, deicing liquids, chemicals, and powders so they can be spray-applied to a surface.
    Pipe Transits - (22 companies)
    ...hazards exist that are beyond the functional ratings of the pipe itself. Pipe transits are generally modular systems including conduit frames, sealing plugs, and appropriate insulation, putties, or foaming materials, as necessary. The conduit frame...
    Foam Insulation - (85 companies)
    Foam insulation or thermal insulating foams are low density elastomers or polymers, which provide a thermal barrier between components and a heat or cold source. Foam insulation is typically a low-density elastomer or polymer in the form...

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  • Steam Digest: Volume IV
    In steam system design at 1,000˚F the piping would expand .095 inches per foot of pipe , and the insulation (calcium silicate or perlite ) would contract .024 inches per foot.
  • Prevention of Common Pitfalls Through Engineered Specifications and On-Site Review
    Some are mass produced, and some are tailored to meet specific requirements that may be used by the industry: (a) molded sectional and segmental pipe and block insulation made of calcium silicate , perlite , cellular glass, mineral fiber, and flexible elastomerics; (b) factory…
  • 2008 Industrial Technologies Market Report, May 2009
    Conventional steam pipe insulation products, typically produced from mineral wool, fiberglass, calcium silicate , perlite , and various foams, are only moderately effective in their insulating capacity.
  • Subject Index
    …Settling, 494, 500 Shading of solar walls, 606 Sheathing, 412 Sheathing, low-permeance, 615 Sheathing, roof, 616 Silicate -coated perlite module, 717 Simplified thermal parameter (STP), 94 Simulated pipe system, small-scale test … 62{figs.) Single-wall insulation systems, 70 Skylights, air…

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