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  • Laboratory Dispensers-Image
    Laboratory Dispensers - (178 companies)
    Dispensers feed measured amounts of materials, either manually or automatically. The most common types of dispensers are bottle top and burette.
    Dispenser Type
    Petri Dishes - (77 companies)
    ...optical-distortion. This is important in applications where the contents of a cell culture dish need to be observed, typically with a low-power microscope. Specifications and Features. When selecting Petri dishes, buyers can specify the desired diameter and may...
  • Composite Fillers and Reinforcements-Image
    Composite Fillers and Reinforcements - (245 companies)
    Composite Fillers and Reinforcements are additives used to extend, strengthen and/or modify plastics, composites, adhesives, coatings and other materials Composite fillers and reinforcements are used to change and improve the physical and mechanical...
    Filler Caps and Fuel Caps - (28 companies)
    Filler caps and fuel caps seal filling ports in tanks and reservoirs holding liquids or granular media. Filler caps and fuel caps prevent the ingress of foreign materials into and the leakage of fuel or media from the reservoir. Filler caps and fuel...
  • Filler Alloys and Consumables-Image
    Filler Alloys and Consumables - (654 companies)
    Filler metal alloys and consumables used in welding, brazing or soldering include items in rod sheet, wire spool, coated stick, weld stud, powder, preform or paste forms. Filler alloys and consumables are products frequently used to assemble metal...
    Stirring Rods - (11 companies)
    Stirring rods are pieces of hollow or solid glass tubing used to stir materials or used to spread media on a Petri dish. Laboratory stirring rods are a piece of laboratory equipment used to mix chemicals and liquids. Stirring rods are usually made...
    Labware Washers - (68 companies)
    Labware washers are used to clean various types of laboratory equipment.
    Protective Packaging - (653 companies)
    ...angle or edge board, bubble wrap or foam packaging, partition, corrugated wrapping, cradle, foam-in-place, packaging insert, packing peanuts, panels, trays, and void fillers. How to Select Protective Packaging. Image Credit: All-Spec Industries...
    Brazing Equipment - (35 companies)
    Brazing equipment joins two or more materials with a molten braze filler, which typically does not fuse with the base materials. Brazing is useful in joining dissimilar materials such as metals and ceramics or metallurgically incompatible alloys...
    Network Emulators - (13 companies)
    Network Emulators are designed to simulate the potential behaviors of computer networks.

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