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  • PIC18F2520 MCP3909 3-Phase Energy Meter Reference Design - Meter Test Results and Adapting the Meter Design for other Requirements
    AN1151 Meter CalibrationMICROCHIP'S DEMO BOARD CALIBRATION VS. PROPER METER Each phase was calibration sequentially, starting with CALIBRATION phase A. (Note 2) stepEach phase calibration process was a 4 It is important to note Microchip does not do a full cali- calibration. The steps are shown
  • IEC Compliant Active-Energy Meter Design Using the MCP3905/6
    The MCP3905/6 energy-monitoring Integrated Circuits (ICs) supply active real power measurements for single-phase residential meter designs. These devices include features specific for the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) requirements, such as no-load threshold and start-up current
  • Using the ECOLEC Series 100 Meters as a CT Operated Meter (.pdf)
    The ECOLEC Series 100 meters are specified as direct connected meters. They can however, in conjunction with external Current Transformers (CT's), be used as CT operated meters. The use of external CT's enables the meter to measure load currents well in excess of the meter's maximum current rating
  • Developing a Low-Cost ZigBee (R) Enabled Smart Energy Meter On CC2538
    . This document discusses the implementation of single-phase metering which can be extended to three-phase metering also as the CC2538 offers more than a sufficient number of ADC channels required for the same.
  • Thermal Mass Flow Meter Supports Feedback Control Loop In Boiler System for Thermal Electric Power Generation
    To meet China's growing need for electric power. generation, the Guohua Ninghai Power Plant has a total planned operating capacity of 4 x 600 MW [Phase 1]. The plant is located south of Shanghai in Ninghai township, Ningbo city, Zhejiang
  • Current Transformer Measurements
    The Current Transformer (CT) is used to sense AC current in single-phase or three-phase mains circuits. The CT typically has a 1A or 5A AC secondary that connects to a current, power or energy meter. This allows the meter to be located away from the mains wiring. CTs are available in a variety
  • Flowmeters Benefit From Silicon Advances
    is made of Teflon-PFA. Clamp-On Ultrasonic Meter in Weatherproof Enclosure Model 101WP ultrasonic hybrid flowmeter uses either transit-time or phase-shift mode to measure flows in liquid-filled pipes sized -in. to 360-in. in diameter. Options include a pipewall thickness gauge and single or dual channel
  • Gas and Water Metering with the PIC16F91X Family
    are electricity, water and gas. Water and Gas are measured with very similar systems while electric meters are very unique. Electric meters measure the power consumbed at a customers site. This type of meter is very easy to convert into an electronic version using an MCP3905 single-phase power