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  • IBS Coatings for Ultrafast Lasers and Applications
    In optics, dispersion is the phenomenon in which the phase velocity of a light wave in the material depends on its frequency (wavelength). One of the most well-known examples of dispersion is the splitting of white light into its full spectrum of colors (wavelengths) as it passes through a glass
  • Observant resolvers
    advantages including providing position and velocity feedback with little or no phase lag, and estimations of motor acceleration and torque disturbance. The estimated acceleration is used to reduce problems with mechanical resonance, and torque disturbance feedback improves dynamic stiffness
  • Smooth rotation
    and the position error during the constant velocity phase are virtually undetectable when using compensation. High-performance motion-control applications commonly use three-phase permanent-magnet synchronous motors, popularly known as brushless motors. These motors are typically operated
  • Using Your Vibration Condition Monitoring System To Monitor Auxiliary Equipment
    rotational speed such as 1st, 2nd 3rd or 4th harmonic. Some energy may also exist below the 1st order, called the sub-synchronous component. Most energy exists below 1KHz and so standard displacement probes or velocity transducers are generally fitted. The Prosig PROTOR system collects this data
  • MEI Case Study - Cali FBC - Make-Up Bed Sand
    re-circulated the spent sand to the top of the storage silo. The SANDPUMP is a low velocity dense phase pneumatic conveying system in which a special pressure vessel conveys the sand slowly to its destination. In this way very low transfer velocity is achieved to avoid pipewear. Also the power economy
  • Medical Device Link .
    in moulded products. The simple-to-learn Moldflow Plastics Xpert (MPX) software package is available from Moldflow Europe Ltd. (Orpington, Kent, UK). The first of three modules, Setup Xpert, enables users to perform a variety of injection-velocity- and pressure-phase-related setup routines to fix any defects
  • Simulation Shows How Silicon Solidifies
    throughout the minicaster and fluid-velocity vectors within the silicon melt. " That took care of the melting phase analysis, says Wang. "For the solidification phase, we used a lower internal heat-generation value to simulate lower temperatures while cooling. The transient heat-transfer analysis let us
  • Handling low- frequency resonance
    the resonant frequency, F , the system acts like a simple integrator, with gain falling off at 20 dB/decade and phase at -90 . Above F , the loop gain is raised significantly, reducing margins of stablility. In a typical velocity-control loop, by a control law and filters. The current command

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