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    Test Tubes - (112 companies)
    How to Select Test Tubes Image Credit: Small Parts, Inc. Test tubes are handheld tubes used for mixing or heating chemicals in a laboratory. They are open at the top and rounded at the bottom, and usually made of glass or plastic materials. Some...
    Glass Materials
    Plastic Materials
    Cores and Tubes - (40 companies)
    Cores and tubes are made of paper, plastic or metal and are used for mailing, shipping, material handling, and product display. Cores and tubes are used for mailing, shipping, material handling, and product display. Types. Product types include...
    Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) Devices - (16 companies)
    Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices are integrated semiconductors that serve as a laboratory for the testing and analysis of very small chemical and clinical samples. Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices are integrated semiconductor devices that serve...
  • Tube Fittings-Image
    Tube Fittings - (1104 companies)
    Tube fittings connect runs of tubing for in-line, offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations to other tubing sections, pipe, hose, and other fluid transfer components. Tube fittings connect runs of tubing (for in-line, offset, multi-port...
  • Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT)-Image
    Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) - (64 companies)
    Gas discharge tubes (GDT) or gas tube arrestors (GTA) provide protection against voltage and current surges in electronic and electrical equipment. They include spark gaps, simple devices with two or three conducting electrodes separated by a gap...
    Mechanical Testing Equipment - (429 companies)
    ...test properties is a basic need in most labs from QC to R & D. Vibration test systems are used to evaluate products and packages for design purposes as well as to simulate the vibration effects of product transportation. Specifications. User interface...
    Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms - (360 companies)
    ...parameters. Analog devices include a needle or simple visual indicator. Digital readouts provide alphanumeric displays. Cathode ray tube (CRT) and liquid crystal display (LCD) devices are available. Environmental test chambers and rooms that include...
    Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Equipment - (1037 companies)
    Non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment is used to detect, inspect, and measure flaws, bond integrity, and other material conditions without permanently altering or destroying the examined part or product. NDT equipment includes a wide variety...
    Electronics Test Fixtures - (68 companies)
    Electronics test fixtures are used to test contact points on circuit boards during manual or automated testing. Products are used to test: daughter cards. flex circuits. liquid crystal displays (LCDs). loop-back boards. multi-chip modules. optical...
    Material Testing Services - (872 companies)
    ...samples and/or test the cleanliness levels or identifies contamination in cleanrooms through evaluations of cleanroom air, work surfaces, lab ware, tools, and/or equipment. Environmental Exposure Testing. Environmental exposure testing uses methods...

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