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  • NVRAM-Image
    NVRAM - (41 companies) a power source in order to retain memory. In fact, the original CMOS battery was designed to keep the BIOS settings in the volatile memory of the complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) integrated circuit (IC) system so that a computer could...
    Gas Flares - (26 companies)
    ...applications where the waste phase is mixed. If the waste is a bio-gas, then landfill gas flares may be used. Steam flares are designed for facilities that can provide a minimum cooling steam and that require a smokeless steam. Utility flares are also...
  • Biometric Sensor Chips-Image
    Biometric Sensor Chips - (16 companies)
    Biometric sensors are semiconductors with embedded algorithms that are used in security systems or environments for user authentication.
  • Filter Wheels-Image
    Filter Wheels - (25 companies)
    Filter wheels hold and position multiple filters for various imaging applications such as machine vision and spectrophotometry.
  • Scientific Imagers-Image
    Scientific Imagers - (78 companies)
    Scientific imagers are high resolution systems used to capture moving or still images.
    Laboratory Reactors - (136 companies)
    Laboratory reactors are used to grow cells and contain reactions. They are designed for small-scale experiments in fields such as kinetics and yield studies. This product area includes shake flasks, small bioreactors, and other products that can be used to complete a preliminary economic evaluation.
    MEMS Devices - (49 companies)
    ...for inertial sensing applications, and geophones for both seismic sensing and vibration sensing. Types. There are many different types of MEMS devices and several basic categories. These include: fluidic MEMS. optical MEMS. bio-MEMS. RF MEMS. Fluidic MEMS...
    Membrane Bioreactors - (75 companies)
    Membrane bioreactor systems combine ultra-filtration technology with biological treatment for municipal, commercial and industrial wastewater treatment and water reuse applications.
    EPROM - (88 companies)
    ...their data, they are commonly used to store BIOS information and basic software for modems, video cards, and other peripherals. Flash EPROM or FEPROM incorporates FLASH technology and is available from some chip manufacturers. Other architectural...
    Trade Shows, Conferences, and Exhibitions - (597 companies)
    Trade shows, conferences and exhibitions are public gatherings used to present and discuss information about a specific field or the products and services of a particular industry segment.

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