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  • Smart Computing Article - Troubleshooting - Cell Phones
    easy to use. Because every phone is different from the next, and there are so many on the market, we can t walk you through every troublesome scenario. But if you re stumped by the special features in your phone or looking for help solving some common cell phone dilemmas, we may have the answers you
  • ApacheModProxy After few discussions had face-to-face with some of you ( Stefano on the phone ranting about setting up Tomcat, Jeremy over lunch at my place few weeks ago, and several others), and few odd questions popping out on the list, I feel the
    the few things I learnt, and that make my everyday life of administrator easy... So, those are few tips for those of you who wonder about my rants. Probably the first and most important question to answer is WHY it is so important to have Apache HTTPd as a front-end for a website. I believe
  • Smart Computing Article - LIMDOW to LISP
    , one-line, or two-line jack to accept a second telephone device. Typical uses are for connecting a fax machine or a telephone-answering device into the same line jack as a telephone, saving the customer the cost of a second phone line. To ensure the best possible sound quality, dual-line adapters often
  • Embedded Linux on PC/104
    There's embedded Linux and there's embedded Linux. The Linux strategy used for a shirt-pocket sized MP3 player won't necessarily fit in the PC/104 world. And guess what? RedHat and other commercial releases lean toward the MP3, PDA, cell phone, etc. side of embedded. So what's a PC/104 system
  • Smart Computing Article - The Driving Force Behind Modems
    analog phone line, the modem , or converts, the data into an analog format. At the other end of the phone line, the receiving modem , or converts, the data back into its original digital form. That's just the short answer to this whole equation. We haven't even delved into the nuances of 56 kilobits
  • How to Use Linux in Industrial Automation (.pdf)
    The Linux OS can be found in many unexpected places in our daily lives. From GPS navigators to smart phones, countless devices now run the Linux kernel. As a free and open-source solution, Linux offers some advantages compared to Windows. Is this open-source OS relevant for industrial automation
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    quarterly report Chip maker Semtech has been unable to file its most recent quarterly report do to an ongoing investigation into the company's historical stock options granting practices, the company said in a regulatory filing. SEC targets Sanmina-SCI; Calpers wants answers Contract manufacturing
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    answers Contract manufacturing services provider Sanmina-SCI is the latest to join a growing list of companies that is being looked into by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for historical stock options granting practices. Martin Rofheart, the director of Ultra-Wideband Operations
  • The Access Network - Evolution From Separate Simple Services To A Fully Flexible Environment
    those trends. It will not present instant answers to the decisions that users and network and service providers have to make, but will allow those decisions to be made in a more informed way. A major driver for change has been the widespread adoption of PCs in homes and businesses. This, in itself
  • Derating For Real World Conditions
    particular application. 7. Derating_Whitepaper.indd 7 3/4/11 10:30 AM. 7700 Freedom Ave. NW, P.O. Box 2170, North Canton, Ohio 44720, U.S.A. Phone: (330) 499-2727 * 1-888-GO4-PEPI * FAX (330) 499-1853 * e-mail: * "We come through when the heat is on (R). ". DESIGN