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  • Micro and Nanophotonics for Semiconductor Infrared Detectors
    Photonic detectors have been ruling the market for several decades, mostly of intrinsic type, based on indium antimonide and mercury cadmium telluride.
  • Radiation measurement and dosimetry
    Above: photo absorption line by an ideal photon detector .
  • Manual of the Technical temperature measurement
    Derivative of the spectral specific radiation at the temperature T (radiation contrast, in the insert of photon detectors , the photon contrast is to use [13-1] maximum of which lies at a greater wave length) - D∗(λ) Spectral specific Detektivität (see the …
  • The incomprehensible coincidence
    … such), a cryostat (a type refrigerator with that the objects almost up to the absolute zero can be cooled down to about 270 degrees Celsius) two, interferometers of glass fibers (a type optical circuits for photons), photon detectors (light particle detectors) and …
  • Integrated multicolor detector utilizing 1D photonic bandgap filter with wedge-shaped defect
    They are easy to implement with photonic detectors based on narrow-bandgap direct semiconductors (InSb. HgCdTe. PbSnTe. etc.) fabricated for example by epitaxial techniques.
  • Modern methods of cryptography
    The information coded as wave length reaches therefore exactly its addressee, the photon detector in the half cases of all.
  • Uncooled Carbon Nanotube Photodetectors
    This was the first experimental estimate of the detectivity of a CNT photonic detector , which was already larger than that of most CNT bolometers.
  • What is a photon?
    Up-to-date photon detectors throw a new light to the old question about the nature of the photon.
  • Physics of Quantum Rings
    Based on their unprecedented tunability, quantum rings are highly prospective as elemental base for various applications: photonic detectors and sources, including single-photon emitters, nanoflash memories, qubits for spintronic quantum com- puting, magnetic random access memory, recording medium and other spintronic devices ...
  • Sensor technique
    Hintergrundstrahlungsbegrenzter photon detector BST .