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  • Silicon opto-FET coupled to waveguides for integrated optical microsystems
    A 3-D model was developed for the system: opto -FET- coupler - waveguide. … due to the carrier generation; the variation of channel depth due to the photovoltaic effect across the …
  • Optically Powered Video Camera Network - Conference papers - VDE Publishing House
    Ultra-compact couplers multiplex these wavelength channels into a standard 62.5 µm MMF silica fiber with … Electrical power required to drive the remote camera electronics is generated on-site by means of a miniature photovoltaic cell with an active area of 1 mm2 and an opto -electrical conversion efficiency of 40 %.
  • A dSPACE-based control of a hybrid renewable energy system with wind and photovoltaic power
    The outpu connected to an opto-coupler IC ( resistance (30Ω) in order to isolat transistor of the opto - coupler arrangement and is powered from a gate signals for the MOSFET (Fi emitter at pin 6. B. Photovoltaic System .
  • AltEnergyMag - 2011 InterSolar North America Report | AltEnergyMag
    … the 360W and 480W models, which support fully independent power point tracking of two connected photovoltaic modules. In common with all other Enecsys micro inverters, the Duos are based on a patented design that eliminates life-limiting components, such as electrolytic capacitors and opto couplers .
  • Characterisation of polymers for semiconductor applications
    … potential for application in three distinct device areas, namely electronic, electro-optic (or opto -electronic) and photonic. Electro-optic devices, which are defined here to include light emitting diodes and electrically pumped lasers, optical modulators, couplers , and photovoltaic and photo- conductive detectors and solar cells, are also well advanced commercially but have many more short- comings than are typical …
  • Radiation Damage in Power MOSFET Optocouplers
    … degradation in optocou- plers with power MOSFET output stages, which use an internal photovoltaic chip to provide … which causes them to degrade at much lower levels than other opto - couplers from that manufacturer.
  • 2012 Index IEEE Photonics Journal Vol. 4
    Hisham, H. K., +, JPHOT Oct. 2012 1662-1678 Surface-Plasma-Coupled Photovoltaic Cell With Double-Layered Trian … Opto -VLSI-Based Beamformer for Radio-Frequency Phased-Array An- tennas. Experimental Demonstration of Birefringence Compensation Using Angled Star Couplers in Silica-Based Arrayed Waveguide Grating.
  • A fast battery charging algorithm for an intelligent PV system with capability of on-line temperature compensation
    Digital opto -isolators modify the state of their outputs when the input state changes. … diode (1N5819) is adopted to improve the falling transient time with the optical coupler , which accelerates the … … the hall current sensor (HY-10P) is used to sense the electrical current from the photovoltaic panels.
  • Maximum power tracking of a generic photovoltaic system via a fuzzy controller and a two-stage DC–DC converter
    Digital opto -isolators modify the state of their outputs when the input state changes. In addition, the diode (1N5819) improves the falling time with the optical coupler , which accelerates the charge … … the hall current sensor (HY-10P) is used to sense the electrical current from the photovoltaic panels.
  • Photovoltaic
    Up to 800 V dcCompletely programmable4 digit, high intensity LED displayDisplays Voltage, Current, Power and EnergyProgrammable digital output ( opto - coupler )Class 1 accuracy for EnergyIdeal for new and existing installations2 modelsDirect Connection up to 30AConnection via 60mV shunt PVPM2540C - I-V-curve Measurement Device for Photovoltaic Modules .