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  • Test Methods for Metallization Paste (.pdf)
    There currently are no industry standards for solar metallization paste. The following are test methods that have been adopted by many thin film photovoltaic solar cell manufacturers and are used by Indium Corporation to test volume resistivity and contact resistance, two major physical properties
  • Sourcing Complex Quartz Components
    - make structures composed of fused. quartz ideal for various industries. These range from semicondudor to fiber optic and. photovoltaic (solar) cell manufacturing, specialty lighting, and laboratory ware.
  • Stainless Steel Belts Shine In Solar Cell Applications
    Agawam, MA June 8, 2011.... Belt Technologies, a leading provider of metal belt and conveyor systems, provides photovoltaic manufacturers a more efficient means of producing solar cells that use the sunâ s energy to generate electricity. As the world makes significant moves towards sustainability
  • Plastic AODD Pumps for Manufacture of Solar Cells
    When considering solar or photovoltaic cell manufacture, there is really only one choice for your pumping needs - plastic air-operated double-diaphragm pumps. Due to their broad range of applications based on the different types of liquids that need to be handled, plastic AODD pumps can be used
  • Fused Quartz, a Critical Component of the Solar Power Industry
    at affordable prices . is fused quartz. Quartz glass is used in many key facets of photovoltaic (PV) cell manufacturing,. including the use of furnaces, light sow-yes, reaction chambers and tools used in the. production of solar ccli thin films and silicon wafers. Due to its stability, chemical purity
  • Scanning for Ideas: A Motor Pump Built for Solar Power
    Edited by Stephen J. Mraz , Chula Vista, Calif. ( ), anticipating a sharp spike in interest in solar-powered systems, have designed the Ecocirc DC pump, a circulation pump that can be connected directly to photovoltaic cells. The design is based on a spherical motor, a concept invented by Laing
  • Organic semiconductors key to cheap solar cells
    A novel organic semiconductor device from Cornell University researchers uses ionic junctions that electroluminesce and act as a photovoltaic cell. The idea could lead to displays on cloth or paper, and cheap solar cells. Organic semiconductors can be made in thin, flexible sheets. And, "Flexible
  • Chipmakers Put PV in the Spotlight
    , eliminating many of the high-energy and equipment-intensive processes typical of conventional photovoltaic manufacturing. IBM Research into PV concentrates on four main areas: using current technologies to develop cheaper and more-efficient silicon solar cells, developing new thin-film PV devices

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