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  • Position and speed of metal components measured with variable reluctance sensor
    Variable reluctance sensors are used to measure position and speed of moving metal components. This sensor consists of a permanent magnet, a ferromagnetic pole piece, a pickup coil, and a rotating toothed wheel. As the wheel rotates, the reluctance of the flux path through the coil changes
  • Leak Detection in Pipelines
    a rotor assembly and pickup coil. The flowmeter measures velocity at a specific point in the fluid stream. Volumetric flow can be inferred provided the I.D. of the line is known. Accuracies can approach ±0.25% depending on the type of transmitter specified with the flowmeter.
  • Toward the Instant-On Actuator
    gap versus position, a Simplorer CAD model accounted for all four of the delays and computed a 101-msec time to close a 10-mm air gap, agreeing with the measured time. A typical magnetic sensor includes a permanent magnet with north and south poles and a solid-steel pole onto which a pickup coil
  • 2002 Lincoln Blackwood
    A review of the 2002 Lincoln Blackwood SUV. Having expanded beyond luxury sedans and SUVs, Lincoln now enters the pickup-truck scene with the Blackwood. But don't expect any cowboys to be snapping up this rear-wheel-drive beauty any time soon. It may be a pickup, but its heart and soul are firmly
  • Audio Component Pioneer Redesigns Efficiency
    by Pyle in the 1970s. In the 1980s came engineered enclosures for pickup trucks and hatchbacks and balanced full-range systems including high-performance subwoofers. Today, Pyle Industries continues as an acknowledged industry leader in world-class subwoofers, speakers, and components including the brand
  • A fan of fuel savings
    permanent magnets to couple to and rotate the fan at a particular speed. Powering a coil rotates the fan at shaft speed. Viscous-type fan clutches provide a certain amount of fan control. Here, a bimetal strip on a fan hub senses temperature changes of air passing through the radiator. The strip

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