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  • Orion Apollo (R) Solar Light Pipe
    Determine the best material, part design modifications, mold design, and plastic injection molding process to manufacture this clear acrylic part faster than the current thermoforming process, while improving accuracy and part quality, and reduced part cost. *Covert existing thermoformed parts
  • Confidence in Consistency
    The use of mechanized pipe welding equipment can improve a fabricator's. weld quality and reduce the cost to manufacture some prefabricated systems. Mechanization of the welding process provides multiple enhancements such. as greater productivity through an increase in actual welding time compared
  • Basics Of Design Engineering: Fluid Power
    in piping systems frequently increase turbulence. Tube systems also reduce overall installed costs. Tubing is in nearly all cases less expensive to use than pipe. Although tube fittings carry a higher initial price than similarly configured pipe components, in the long run tube systems save money
  • Oil Flushing - Maintenance Recommendations for the Petrochemical Industry
    The petrochemical industry requires that industrial and process heating equipment be maintained at the highest level not only to reduce production shutdowns but also to protect the environment and the public from industrial disasters. In this industry, piping is used extensively for transporting
  • MICRO: Industry News: 'Round the Circuit (September 2000)
    009;A calibration wafer developed by NIST improves chipmakers' ability to accurately measure and control temperature during rapid thermal processing (RTP). The test wafer is designed to meet the semiconductor industry's need to reduce temperature measurement uncertainty to 2 C. Thin-film
  • Back to the Basics: Getting to the Bottom of Leaks in Your Compressed Air System
    Leaks happen. There is quite simply no way around it. They're in every compressed air system. Even in systems with the newest pipe and the most energy-efficient and most technologically advanced compressors. Due to material thermal stresses, leaks will appear, costing you money. Possibly a lot
  • New Tool Helps Automakers Silence Irritating Whistle Noise
    engineering applications, including gas pipelines. mechanical engineering at Ohio State , and his students designed a pipe adapter that fits into engine's intake ductwork and helps engineers study whistles. In experiments, they were able to reduce the sound of a whistle by as much as 30 decibels, so
  • Computer Power User Article - Wired & Wireless
    many streams utilize VBR (variable bit rate) encoding, it also has a peak rate at the points where throughput spikes. If you have multiple streams passing along the same pipe, that pipe should allow for overlapping spikes, meaning points when the multiple peak rates may coincide to yield
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    , which can remove extremely fine or weakly magnetic contaminants from dense materials. The separators can reduce downtime and increase productivity, their manufacturer says. New pipe and tubing hangers are designed for ultrapure processing environments. Using a rounded geometry without sharp

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